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Hailey MacLeod

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Representation of Gender Roles
Women are shown as weak, dependent and provocative

Men are shown as powerful, intelligent and bossy

Sitcom Analysis
Married With Children "Poppy's By The Tree Part 1" Episode Summary (1987)
Frugal Al takes the Bundy's on a trip to Dumpwater, Florida for family bonding.
Socio-Economic Bias
Connect with families and how they operate
Face different obstacles during their family vacations, problems are solved accordingly
Each generation has changed, but are able to maintain their family bond
Misha Apel, Hailey MacLeod, Becca Gillett and Holly Campbell
Modern Family "The Games People Play"
Episode Summary (2009)
Phil gets a new RV for the family to drive down the coast to Yellowstone

Manny forgets where he left his backpack, Jay and Gloria assist him in looking for it

Mitch and Cam attend Lilly’s gymnastics competition
Married With Children:
Family is poor; the reason for their trip to Dumpwater
Everything is oriented around money/the family's economic status
Al makes several jokes relating to how Peg is unemployed & how she does not make any money
Kelly has no ambition to get a job despite family's financial situation
Socio-Economic Bias
Married With Children:
Very cheap: Peggy teases her hair and mainly wears tights as bottoms
Kelly often wears old clothes
Bud wears possibly secondhand baggy items
Al is the only one with more formal clothes for work, and even these are sloppy and unprofessional
Modern Family:
Married with Children:
Peggy and Kelly dress in tight cheap clothing
Both are sexually attractive

Modern Family:
Gloria and Haley are featured showing off their chests
No unattractive female characters
Entrances and Exits
Married with Children:
Al walks in unannounced
Creates power by addressing his authority to the employees at the hotel
No respect for spouse

Modern Family:
Forces family into the R.V, against Claire's judgement
Tells the family what to do
Two family, vacation based sitcoms
Demonstrate similarities and differences in how families are portrayed on sitcoms
Modern Family:
Family is financially stable:
-Phil is successful real estate agent
-Jay is a rich contractor
Gloria appears as a "gold digger"
Gloria able to break into two homes in the episode & is very sneaky
Hailey states she wants to see what she wants to do when older & tries out to be Laker Girl
Claire looks harried as the "stay at home mom"; clothes are wrinkly, thrown together
Gloria wears fancy clothing and expensive jewelery
Phil wears dress shirts and looks professional as a real estate agent
Reference to "Hailey's new shirt" implies they have enough money to purchase new things frequently
look after the family
create the income
treated as a minority
looked after by their spouses
Socio-Economic Bias
Through costuming and humour, clear to see how families of different economic status are portrayed
People with less money are angrier
People with moderate money are happy and have different issues in their lives
Ethnic Bias
Ethnic Bias Conclusion
-Ethnic Bias differs between the century
-Both are bias against different cultures
-Married with children does it with excluding them completely
-Modern Family has different cultures for the purpose of stereotypical humor
Married With Children:
-Characters in Florida are dressed as slobs
-Main characters dressed in colorful clothing
-Child decides to order a coke instead of a burger because of his clothing
-Ethnic bias towards Chicago in comparison to Florida
Modern Family:
-Gloria is dressed provocatively
-She is gorgeous and has the perfect body
-Bias saying that Spanish women are beautiful
Married With Children:
-Main characters constantly demoting characters from Florida to create humor
-“Hey goob, that radio up there stinks, now I’m paying 8 dollars American, I’d get one of these guys out of the pig pen to get that thing working!”
-“You know Al, you were right, treat people like scum and they can’t do enough for you.”
-This is a bias against people from Florida
Modern Family:
-Gloria is portrayed as a crook
-Is able to break into houses without any effort
-This would not be as funny if any of the other characters did it
-Bias against people from Colombia that they are all criminals or robbers
Sexuality Bias
Basic look of how men and women should be represented
Non-revealing outfits
Patterned shirts
Represent their personalities
Revealing outfits
Sexuality Bias
Father handing out money
Typical family structure
Same sex being together
Step parents
Blended families
Creates humor and more issues
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