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A Guide to Guidance: Tips on advising multicultural greek lettered organizations

No description

Leonard Taylor

on 24 February 2012

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Transcript of A Guide to Guidance: Tips on advising multicultural greek lettered organizations

12 8 19
11 9 A Guide to Guidance: Tips for advising multicultural Greeks... ME Ashley confusing frustrating extraneous dissapointing
complicated agravating meaningful enriching enlightening profound embarassing
different meaningful foreign Background
Take Away
Be spirited

NMGC 1998

Delphic of Gamma Sigma TauΓΣΤ
Delta Xi Phi
Delta Sigma Chi
Gamma Eta
Theta Nu Xi
Lambda Psi Delta
Lambda Tau Omega
Mu Sigma Upsilon
Phi Sigma Chi
Psi Sigma Phi
Omega Phi Chi
NALFO 1998

Alpha Pi Sigma
Alpha Psi Lambda
Chi Upsilon Sigma
Gamma Alpha Omega
Gamma Phi Omega
Gamma Zeta Alpha
Kappa Delta Chi
Lambda Alpha Upsilon
Lambda Pi Chi
Lambda Pi Upsilon
Lambda Sigma Upsilon
Lambda Theta Alpha
Lambda Theta Nu
Lambda Theta Phi
Lambda Upsilon Lambda
Omega Phi Beta
Phi Iota Alpha
Sigma Iota Alpha
Sigma Lambda Upsilon
Former NALFO

Nu Alpha Kappa
Omega Delta Phi
Alpha Rho Lambda
Sigma Lambda Sigma
Beta Lambda Delta
Sigma Delta Alpha
Sigma Lambda Beta
Sigma Lambda Gamma
NAPA 2006

Lambda Phi Epsilon
Pi Alpha Phi
Pi Delta Psi
Sigma Beta Rho
alpha Kappa Delta Phi
Alpha Phi Gamma
Delta Kappa Delta
Delta Phi Lambda
Kappa Phi Gamma
Kappa Phi Lambda
Sigma Omicron Pi
Sigma Psi Zeta
NPHC 1930

Alpha Kappa Alpha
Zeta Phi Beta
Sigma Gamma Rho
Alpha Phi Alpha
Iota Phi Theta
Phi Beta Sigma
Delta Sigma Theta
Kappa Alpha Psi
Omega Psi Phi
Be open
Be honest
Be critical
Be solution oriented
59 + + + Culture
STUDENT experience
Community and shared identity
Institutional pride
Varying levels of culture and tradition
National and regional identity
Multiple roles

Where do advisors fit in?
GREEK experience
How did they get here?
College perspectives
Greek perspectives
Advising experiences
Support systems
What don’t you know?
How do YOU feel?
The Recruitment Conversation
"We don't recruit!"
False advertising
Small pond
Structure Dont call it recruitment
Be in the know
New Member = New Success
Create Academic Accountability
Sustainable leadership
Understand their experience
Communication is Key
Create institutional inclusion
CULTURE ACADEMICS INTAKE 1 3 2 Challenge Check Care ACADEMICS Institutional shortcomings
Academic accountability
BARRIERS Who are we talking to?
Academic Climate
Competing priorities
Advisor Considerations
Is risk being managed?
What don’t we know?
Locus of control
New Member Orientation
Is MIP enough?
Oriented toward what?
Problems with pledging
Obvious issues
Why people pledge
What’s the better option?
Teaching the wrong things
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