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Computer-based assessment: institutional support for an intitutional approach

No description

Margarida Amaral

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Computer-based assessment: institutional support for an intitutional approach

Computer-based Assessment: Institutional support for an Institutional approach U.PORTO e-learning Project Improve the students’ learning conditions outside the classroom;
Improve the students’ autonomy and research capacity;
Work with the students to obtain from them a more energetic contribution for the learning process;
Give students the opportunity of having some support documents in advance such that their participation in the classroom becomes more active and consistent;
Privilege strategies that use student activities’ elements, like reading and performing small tasks, which contribute to the training of hypothetical-deductive thought
Quickly publish learning objectives, syllabus, bibliography and other documents of interest;
Increase the interactivity between the students and the faculty;
Promote a democratic access to information;
Increase the opportunity of access to the course contents to dislocated students;
Acquire experience in techniques of distance education through the Internet.

Implementation and outputs E-learningUP outcomes Pedagogic materials
Five annual seminars
Excellence Award for e-learning
Motivation for Computer-based Assessment How online exams were held?
Main reasons that triggered CBA
Institutional support
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