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The Cell Wall

No description

Kenneth Nguyen

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of The Cell Wall

The Cell Wall

What is a cell wall?
A cell wall is a protective layer external to the plasma membrane in the cells of plants.
It is one of the characteristics of plant cells that distinguishes them from animal cells.
By: Joan Chung and Kenneth Nguyen
Cell Wall
Structure of the cell wall
The cell wall has small holes called plasmodesmata. Plants droop when they do no have enough water because water molecules can leave through these holes.
Structure of the cell wall (continued)
Functions of the Cell Wall
Maintains cell's shape
Protects from mechanical damage
Prevents excessive uptake of water
Controls the rate and directions of cell growth and regulates cell volume
Plasmodesmata allows nutrients, wastes, and ions to pass through
The End
contains: pectin,cellulose micro fibril, hemicellulose, and soluble proteins
Is thicker than the plasma membrane
Has three layers:
1. Middle Lamella- outermost layer
2. Primary Wall- has network of hemicellulose and lignin that helps the plant eliminate water from the wall
3. Secondary wall- only plants that have completed growth accquires this layer; is mainly for the support.
More about the cell wall
composed of cellulose
is slightly elastic
is polysaccharide-rich
Can you spot the cell walls in these root cells?
If a plant cell was a factory, the cell wall would be the walls, windows, and doors of that factory. Just as the cell wall protects, maintains the shape, and determines what comes in and out of the cell, the walls, windows, and doors of the factory are the boundaries that protect, distinguishes the layout, and determines what comes in and out of the factory.
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