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GES workshop planning

No description

Leticia Britos Cavagnaro

on 19 June 2016

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Transcript of GES workshop planning

soft start
4 groups: space exploration + demo
design challenge
20 teams of 5
fellows + team as embedded mentors/coaches (roaming, or 1 per 2 teams)
commonalities selfie:
1. pair up with someone and find at least one thing you have in common
2. write it on a card (design with our branding)/postit
3. take a selfie of the two of you with the card and tweet it with the #GES2016 (check this is correct)

Connect with as many people as you can! The person with the most connections and the 2 people with the most unique connection with get a prize (copies of books: i. Bernie (add UIF branding - signatures?) and ii. Google (Julianna signs)
wrap up
hack your creative culture
debrief: culture: what is it and how do you shape it?
1. Google
2. d.school
3. UIF
short activity: boat, marshmallow challenge, sth else
2 Fellow ignites
2 Fellow ignites
2 Fellow ignites
2 Fellow ignites
roadmap + mention organic bio break
big vision/small experiments
idea: create zine or handout for participants to record plans and take with them
Gabriel Conners: Tell us how you’ve been working to enhance the culture of creativity at a campus that has been developing its entrepreneurship ecosystem for quite some time.
Tad Davis: Tell us about how you are engaging students (and administration) at a commuter campus and the challenges that presents.
Macy Tush: Tell us about how Fellows have contributed to a culture of creativity at William Jewell, beginning before your time and now most recently with the first-year and res life culture you are creating.
Amin Mojtahedi: Tell us about your insights about great space design and how the new space at Milwaukee, spearheaded by Fellows, is contributing to create culture.
Stephen Kender: Tell us about your new space and the plans you have for it; and why, at a campus that is space-rich, UMass Lowell needs to create a place to nurture creativity?
Alexandra Seda: Tell us about how you’ve utilized great process to engage students and faculty in developing the new engineering space, the library space and other such things.
Katie Dzugan & Laurie Moore: Tell us how the UIF program process contributes to our creative culture for UIF program participants (versus other typical programs). Aka. How do we walk the walk?
Drew Spooner: You’ve worked at creating culture using unique and whimsical approaches. Distilling your TED talk to its essence and tell us about how these efforts contribute to a creative culture.
Ryan Phillips: Great talk delivered at this year’s meetup. No need to change a thing unless you want to enhance it further.
Nadia Gathers: Great talk delivered at this year’s meetup. No need to change a thing unless you want to enhance it further.
tweet pics + observations with the #GES2016

prize for best tweet: MAKE SPACE book
creative confidence
-draw neighbor
-progressive questions (share psychological safety in teams research)
Psych safety:
What I’d most like you to know about me is . . .

My most memorable Halloween costume was . . .

If I had to choose only one thing to eat for a year, it would be . . .

When I’m in a new group, I tend to . . .

One of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received was . . .

One of the ways I underestimate myself is . . .

Right now I’m feeling . . .

I’m happiest when . . .

One of the deepest insights I’ve ever had is . . .

The most challenging aspect of my work is . . .

The nagging voice inside my head causes me the most suffering by saying . . .

What I’m appreciating most about you all now is . . .

What I most want to say before we end is . . .
Design own game (Lombard street on steroids, iterate on rules)
autonomy/agency/20%/moonshot thinking
create mission statement
1. examples of missions from startups
2. come up with your own mission as a "what if" question
3. why/how ladder--> reframed question
4. share with someone else + tweet it
initially thinking of the zine format, but it's too small for people to write in it, so transitioned to a booklet, stapling three letter size sheets (including the cover)
inner jacket
6 & 7
back inner jacket
back cover
for this to work we would need to print a separate sheet that we hand out in the moment with the examples of missions that we are putting on the slides. I think that will satisfy their needs to take away materials ("can I have the slides?" :)
add social media info
When I get back, I will hack my creative culture by...




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