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Serbian Government


Aidan Workman

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Serbian Government

Serbian Government President:
Boris Tadic

Prime Minister:
Mirko Cvetković Current Government Leaders Serbia was one of six republics that made up the country of Yugoslavia, which broke up in the 1990s. In Feb. 2003, Serbia and Montenegro were the remaining two republics of rump Yugoslavia, forming a loose federation. In 2006, Montenegro split from Serbia. Getting Independence Confederal Parliamentary Democratic Republic Government Today The Council of Ministers has five departments: foreign affairs, defense, international economic relations, internal economic relations, and the protection of human and minority rights. The president is head of state. He or she is elected by parliament for a four-year term, nominates the members of the Council of Ministers and oversees their work. Duties of the Prez Duties of the Parliment The role of the Prime Minister is to direct the work of the Government, and at to submit to the National Assembly of Serbia the Government's programme including a list of proposed ministers. Duties of the Prime Min
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