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bucket filler

No description

Brandon Mitchell

on 6 February 2012

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Transcript of bucket filler

How to be a bucket filler. so kids, be a bucket filler, and then everyone will be happy. You fill a bucket by showing love to someone, when you do something kind, or when you give someone a smile. :) A bucket filler is a loving and caring person who says or does nice things that makes others feel special. When you make someone feel special, you are filling a bucket. but you can also dip into a bucket
and take out some good feelings. you dip into a bucket when you make fun of someone, or when you say mean things
A bully is a bucket dipper The end When you fill someones bucket, you fill your bucket too Say hi to the bus driver, or invite the new kid to play,or write a thank-you note, and you could tell your grandpa you like to spend time with him. Those are ways to fill a bucket.
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