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No description

Joe Leanne

on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of Comprehensive

Comprehensive Community Planning
What, Who, Why, When?
LNIB's Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP)
Your voice determines
our future.
Continue to Monitor, Evaluate, Develop, Plan for every of the Comprehensive Community Plan as things are achieved
Thank you!
Aligns priorities with resources
Provides for program and administrative efficiencies
Improves land, environment and resource management
Creates economic opportunities and facilitates investments
Builds capacity
Benefits of a CCP?...
Enables community to define a vision for the future
Reinforces community values
Provides opportunity for community healing
Exemplifies transparent governance
Improves decision making and communication
Who is involved?...
Our community plan should be created by the involvement of
ALL community members
... elders, children, youth, women and men.
Assess community and Band Council readiness to begin planning
Complete a project work plan and budget
Continue to seek and secure project funding
Identify the planning team and terms of reference
Conduct ongoing community research
Benefits of a CCP?...
Getting people out to the meetings & participating
Intimidation of experts vs. non-experts
Communication on all levels
Keeping the process going
Leadership turn-over
Planning team turn-over
Lack of Capacity (Funds, People, Time)
Development Phases
of the CCP...
Monitoring & Evaluation
Gather, compile and analyze background information
Develop a community vision, and identify goals, objectives, projects and activities through community engagement
Develop a Comprehensive Strategic Framework
Develop a CCP Implementation Strategy
Adopt CCP Framework and Community Celebration
Develop strategic plans for each department based on the CCP framework Implement plan
Report regularly
Analyze results of project/ activities
Review, revise and update the CCP every 3-5 years
Monitoring & Evaluation...
It is a guidance tool and includes goals, objectives, projects and activities that work toward achieving our community's vision.
What is a CCP?...
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