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Norse Culture and Creation Myths

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Cooper Salonek

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Norse Culture and Creation Myths

The Story of Odin, Vili, Vé, and Ymir
Norse Culture and Creation Myths
1. From whose body is the world created, according to the Norse creation story?

2. From what animal’s licking was Buri spawned?

3.What does the word "Viking" mean?

4.Which entity or character in the Norse creation story do you think is the most influential and why?

5. What qualities did the vikings value?

6. In the Norse creation story, the world is created when good defeats evil. How does this compare to other creation stories you know about?
The Creation of everything
Muspell is the land of fire
Audhumbla licked salty ice for nourishment, in the ice emerged Buri, the first of the Aesir gods

- Nature and natural forces
- Gods/Goddesses have human traits
-often fought, violent emotions
- not immortal
- please gods to help with evil, bury dead with gifts
- worshiped other magical creatures.
Norse are from Norway, Sweden, and Russia
1000 B.C.E - Varangians

200 B.C.E. - migrating Germanic tribes

200 B.C.E-986 A.D - Vikings and settlers expand Norse empire to the rest of Europe, England, Ireland, Iceland, and Greenland.

1015 - Olaf II brings Christianity to Norway

1387 - Denmark Takes control of plague ridden Norway

1905 - Norway Independent Sweden and Denmark
That's Amazing!
Niflheim is the land of cold and ice
Ginnungagap is the void between these two lands

When the fire and ice met in Ginnungagap, Ymir was born from the thawed ice

Social organizations

When Ymir first slept he sweated and from his sweat the frost giants were born
Audhumbla also came from the thaw which birthed Ymir
Audhumbla is the great cow which feeds Ymir with its milk
Buri had a son ,Bor, who married Bestla, the daughter of the ice giant Bolthorn
-Vikings flourished between 800 -1100 AD
- Physical Strength, speed, resilience, and Endurance considered most important qualities of men
- Wrestling, Archery, Javelin, Swimming, and skiing common sports
-90% of pop. belong to Evangelical Lutheran Church
-Constitutional Monarchy - Oslo
-1994 - Referendum opted out of EU
Bor and Bestla had three
children Oden, Vili, and Vé
Oden, Vili, and Vé killed Ymir
When Ymir died he bled so much that he drowned all the frost giants except for Bergelmir
- Old Norse
-North Germanic, closest modern is Icelandic
- 2nd Century, earliest inscriptions mostly written on runes.
- 50 AD Meldorf Brooch is created in Denmark
- Most Literature written in Iceland and includes Eddas, Scaldic Poetry, and the Sagas
From Ymir comes the Earth
His blood became the lakes and oceans
His flesh made the Earth
His hair made the trees
His bones became the mountains
His teeth, jaw, and broken bones became rocks and pebbles
The maggots were given human understanding they became dwarfs
His skull became the sky, a dwarf was placed at each of the four corners, they were named North, South, East, West
His brain was flung into the sky and they became clouds
The sons of Bor then took sparks from Muspell and made the stars
The sons then used the eyebrows to create a wall around Midgard
Midgard is the land of humans
The first male and female human were made from old trees on a beach by Odin, Vili, and Vé
They were named Ask (male) and Embla (female)
The three brothers then built Asgard so they could watch over all that they created
To get between Asgard and Midgard they created the rainbow bridge known as Bifröst
Bifröst is guarded by Heimdall
The life-tree or Yggdrasil connects all the planes of existence with its roots
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