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Typewriter invented by William Austin Burt

The invention of the typewriter

fevee andres

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Typewriter invented by William Austin Burt

By: Fevee Andres & Jason Liu

Definition: A machine for writing mechanically in letters and characters like those produced by printers' types.
Burt originally named the Typewriter as the Typographer but later inventors that improved it changed it's name to now modern day Typewriter.
Burt's typewriter had characters arranged on a rotating frame, but it wasn't placed on the market
His machine and others that followed it were considered unreliable and hard to use.
The typewriter that was successful and considered easy to use and reliable was by Christopher Latham Sholes, his well improved typewriter was placed on the market and was well used by the people.
Pros and Cons
No Power Supply needed
Instant print out
Doesn't require much maintenance
Easier to use than a computer.
Can't type in italics or bold
Keys easily gets stuck
When you make a mistake you need to start all over again.
Makes so much noise
Impact on Society
The typewriter increased the production of important literary works and written documents.
It completely changed the secretarial positions that woman were working on and it added a new set of responsibilities.
This led to the development of woman's rights in all areas of professional life.
It made it easier for writers and lots of people to make written compositions in an easier and faster way.
The typewriter allowed for more efficiency in shorthand
Even though Burt's typewriter was not well used by the people. The typewriter that was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes was the typewriter that affected society the most, especially the development of woman's rights in all areas of professional life.
William Austin Burt
Born: June 13, 1792 in Worcester, Massachusetts
Died: August 18, 1858 in Mount Vernon, Michigan
From an early age Burt took an interest in mathematics astronomy, navigation, and natural philosophy and later developed an interest in mechanical skills.
At the age of 21 he married Phoebe Cole, who he had 5 kids with.
At the age of 41 Burt moved to Michigan where he became the United States Deputy Surveyor. His kids also later became deputy surveyors after him.
Although Burt invented the first ever typewriter, it was his solar compass that earned him fame as one of the first ever accurate surveyor.

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