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What is Prezi

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Edita Niauriene

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of What is Prezi

Why use it?

• It creates a “Wow” factor, catches learners' attention, raises their motivation.
• The canvas layout helps to not be too “text heavy.”
• It’s easy to incorporate text, images, and media.
• It’s free and user-friendly!
A step-by-step guide to your first Prezi
What is it?
• It serves a similar function to PowerPoint, but with more interesting and powerful features.
• Presentations are created on a canvas rather than slides.
• It encourages authors to focus on combining text, images, and multimedia.
• Items can be tilted, dragged, and zoomed to create an engaging look.
• A path can be drawn between the different elements to create an animation.
5 reasons to use Prezi in EFLT
1. Prezi creates stunning visual impact. You can import pictures, maps and PDFs etc. and use them as a canvas for teaching all language skills - reading, speaking, listening and writing.
5 reasons to use Prezi in EFLT
2. Prezi is interactive and whiteboard friendly. It allows you and your students to create exciting and interactive presentations that can be used for blended / flipped learning.
5 reasons to use Prezi in EFLT
3. Prezi offers more freedom of navigation. Your Prezi can be kept in the public domain and therefore accessed by your students on the Internet. At home, they can navigate the Prezi themselves, observe connections of ideas and visualise concepts.
5 reasons to use Prezi in EFLT
4. Prezi is a great tool for interactive classroom sessions or group projects. Students can cooperate in real time with each other, in the classroom or at home, to brainstorm and build a presentation by themselves.
5 reasons to use Prezi in EFLT
5. If you already have all your notes in PowerPoint, you don’t need to start all over again. You can use the PowerPoint Import feature to transfer your existing content directly into your Prezi.
What is Prezi?
an innovative language teaching tool
Create an Account by visiting www.prezi.com
Once you’ve logged into your account, you can:
note: https://prezi.com/support/article/steps/get-started-with-prezi/?lang=en
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