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The Crucible Act 1

English Assignment

Karina Pichardo

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of The Crucible Act 1

By: Arthur Miller
Act 1 The Crucible Conflict #2 Summary Conflict
Abigail is trying to persuade Mr. Proctor into being in a relationship with her and forget about his current wife. They have had one other encounter in which they both showed the interest into being together. But as remorse began getting to Mr. Proctor, he swears that before he ever touches her again he will chop off his own arm. This infuriates Abigail because it is not the answer she was expecting to get from Mr. Proctor. People involved in the conflict-
Mr. Proctor and Abigail Ramification-
The tension between between Mr. Proctor and Abigail begins to escalate dramatically throughout the argument. This just makes Abigail want to be with Mr. Proctor even more, and is determined to do anything she can to get rid of Mrs. Proctor so that she may take her place. Conflict #1 Conflict-
Betty nor Ruth seem to have any sort of reaction or act like a human being. Ruth has a zombie like phase in which she walks but she doesn't talk, eat, socialize, nothing. While Betty lays in bed motionless, and has her eyes shut. She isn't sleeping but seems as if she is in a coma. People involved-
Betty and Ruth Ramification-
Without any explanation to why the two girls seemed to have mysteriously began acting weird, it could raise the suspicion of witchcraft. Also it could ruin the reputation of the the family members along with the girls reputation. Conflict #3 Conflict-
Shortly after Tituba confesses to being practicing witchcraft and signing in the book for the devil, Abigail confesses as well. Only thinking of herself and tries removing the spot light from Tituba and bring it upon herself. No one focuses on Tituba anymore, but only on what Abigail had to say. Now she was yelling out names of who she has supposably seen with the devil, and Tituba didn't deny it. on the contrary she went along with what Abigail was saying. People involved-
Abigail, Tituba, Rev. Hale, Betty and Parris Ramification-
Abigail starts accusing innocent people with bad reputations in Salem. She does this simply because she knows she can and also for the simple reason of being manipulative. This can be strategy for Abigail to get rid of Mrs. Proctor, and have Mr. Proctor to herself, just like she wanted. We are introduced to Reverend Parris and the setting is inside of his daughters Betty's room. Mysteriously one day Betty has become ill for no apparent reason; which has risen the rumors about witchcraft all throughout Salem. Rev. Parris is a man who is strongly concerned about his reputation in Salem and deny there any action of witchcraft occurring in his immediate family. But on the other hand his adopted niece Abigail, has confessed to the fact that she and a group of girls were dancing outside along the music of there maid Tituba, although they all know that is not acceptable. Rev. Parris has called for the assistant of Rev. Hale and has tried to hush everyone in Salem about witchcraft. Shortly his maid is confronted by the accusations of being a witch and while Abigail defends herself, supports the accusations towards Tituba. But once Tituba confesses to witchcraft and sees the power she holds, Abigail jumps at the opportunity of saving herself. She also begins accusing people as well that they know wouldn't have a chance in defending themselves. But the most surprising is that Betty snaps out of her so called "illness" and also joins in on the accusations. Karina Pichardo
Period 5
9/20/12 Quotes 1. "I would never hurt Betty. I
love her dearly."
said by Abigail to Mr. Proctor -Abigail supposedly said she loves Betty's much that she would never hurt Betty to Mr. Proctor. But once Betty regains some conscience and wants to confess everything they did with Tituba, which wasn't only dancing,Abigail threatens her. She threatens that she will stab Betty if she mentions anything to everyone. With this threat she contracted herself and can be classified as a two faced person. "...danced, conjured Ruth's dead
sisters and that's it."
said by Abigail -The significance of Abigail saying this is that she is confesses to have participated in witchcraft with Betty, Ruth, Tituba, and other girls. She has confirmed the suspicion of there being witchcraft action within them. "I want to open myself! . . . I want the light of God, I want the sweet love of Jesus! I danced for the Devil; I saw him, I wrote in his book; I go back to Jesus; I kiss His hand. I saw Sarah Good with the Devil! I saw Goody Osburn with the Devil! I saw Bridget Bishop with the Devil!"
said by Abigail -Abigail confesses to have practiced witchcraft and made a compact with the devil. But little does anyone know that she really isn't a witch but a manipulative girl. She sees her opportunity to get what she wants and gains power to accuse anyone in Salem. Especially innocent people that have had a bad reputation. (cc) photo by twicepix on Flickr Theme Someones reputation can be demolished and corrupted in very little time. Evidence #3
No one wants to know or encounter a family or friend of theirs to be accused of being involved in witchcraft. therefore, it would ultimately lead to the suspicion of them also being involved and accused of witchcraft. Evidence #2
Due to the questionable acts Abigail and Betty have been seen doing, Proctor begins to worry what Salem will think of him. He strongly tries to enforce people that have visited Betty not to mention anything of witchcraft suspicion anywhere in Salem. Evidence #1
Mr. Proctor is being black mailed by Abigail's accusations of them being together. He tries to make it clear to Abigail that he does not want to be in any sort of relationship with the teen because remorse of him having a wife at home has been torturing him. But if Abigails' accusations gets out to Salem, Mr. Proctor's reputation will go down the drain. After false accusations.. Symbol - Crucible Definition
a container of metal or refractory material employed for heating substances to high temperatures. Why does it symbolize Act 1?
The poor and innocent people of Salem are being judged and being prosecuted for simple false accusations. Also there purity was being tested and would rather confess to being involved to witchcraft than to be tested/tortured to their deaths.
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