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Ida B by Katherine Hannigan

No description

Brooke Armas

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Ida B by Katherine Hannigan

Ida B by Katherine Hannigan
Chapter 1
Ida B vs. Going to School
Ida B vs. Being Called Ida
Ida B vs. Her Mom being sick
Ida B vs. Selling the land
Rising Action:
When Ida B finds out that her mom has cancer
Ida B goes to public school
Falling Action:
Ida B yells at Claire
Ida B apologizes to Claire and all the trees

Chapter 2
Main Characters:
Ida B
The brook
The trees
Dynamic Characters:
Ida B
Round Characters:
Ida B
Ida's Dad
Ida's mom
Ida's dad
Ms. W
Chapter 2
Ida B
Chapter 3
Point Of View:
First person omniscient
Chapter 4
Theme: Change can be the best thing for you sometimes
Chapter 6
You never find out if they plant new trees if Ida's Mom gets better
Chapter 5
Dramatic Irony:
Ida doesn't know that Ms. W was trying to be her friend the whole time
Situational Irony:
By trying to help herself and be alone, she hurt herself and others
Chapter 7

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