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epq presentation Prezi

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Bolu Sofoluwe

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of epq presentation Prezi

Initially I wanted to conduct a survey like majority of other people but then after being advised otherwise I realised that was too common, so I decided to be more original and instead I chose to physically go to the branches of the "big four" supermarkets to look at their
marketing techniques
. I chose to focus on these main areas; if they tend to
advertise the unhealthy foods more than the healthy food
, I judged this by seeing the
types of items at the front of the shop
, what
items were on offer
, the
items near the tills
, the
home brand products
they made and the overall
structure of the store
I found that mostly unhealthy foods were being heavily advertised with
bright colors
and deals to draw customers. I also found that there were some deals on healthier food options but considerable less and less attractive. The healthier food options also seemed to be
more expensive
than the unhealthier food options even with the deals.
Extended Project Qualification
I gathered that majority of these supermarkets have the primary aim of
maximising profit
no matter what they say on their websites, so therefore they concentrate more on
reducing cost of production
in order to maximise profit instead of aiming to maximise their
costumer satisfaction
I also gathered that although some people are indeed ignorant, the majority either don't see what they can do about it or due to economic situation choose to accept it, which shouldn't be. The quality of both goods and services in these supermarkets should be kept high for the sake of the costumers.
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
I chose to do this topic because I feel very strongly about it, I personally believe that
the responsibility for issues in society should be shared by society
It also dawned on me that many people did not see how they were
to these companies and continuously fall into their traps. I wanted to explore why these certain types of individuals or certain communities were targets and why they kept falling for it.
I am currently studying four AS courses Mathematics, Religious Studies, ICT and Economics. Clearly my EPQ relates mostly with
. This was not a coincidence as I enjoy studying the subject because it allows me to
question the theories
and look at our day to day life from a different perspective. Also
what I have learned so far in Economics has helped me greatly with writing the essay
, I have been able to understand different
aims and objectives of different businesses
and why the differ.
Are the current large supermarkets in the UK more concerned with financial benefit than the health of their customers. (specifically focusing on the grocery department)
Why I chose the topic
How my topic relates to my AS courses
How I conducted my research
What I found from my visits to the stores
What I have learned from my EPQ
Thank you for listening

Questions are welcome
The Big Four
The "big four" are the four biggest supermarkets in the UK, (in order) Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda and Morrisons, You may have been able to guess these. The grocery market was worth £156.8 billion in 2011. Grocery sales in the UK are dominated by the "Big Four" The biggest by far is Tesco with 29.7% of the market share in the UK, and it is also the third largest retailer in the world. In my EPQ I go on to look at the "big four" in further detail.
The plan for my EPQ
I wanted to look at;
whether it is possible to
make a profit
in a business
without exploiting customers

Examples of supermarkets exploiting their customers (for this I used the current
horse meat scandal
as I though it was very relevant)
Whether supermarkets hold some
responsibility for obesity rates
Is there a
link between financial status and obesity

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