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Inserivce for Pinterest

No description

Elizabeth Reagan

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of Inserivce for Pinterest

What is Pinterest?
A social media website to store ideas, bookmark websites, and things that interest you with pictures .
You can organize and share your ideas, connect with other people, and friends with similar interests.
It can be used for more than personal use. Teachers, librarians, businesses, professionals, and students can use it for work and school as well.
How to Use Pinterest
The basics
If you are viewing this from home and not at the inservice please view these Pinterest pages for assistance.

If you are at the insevice I will walk you through the site as followed, please take out your laptop, iPads, or other devices to continue.
1. Go to http://www.pinterest.com
2. Setting up an account
3. How to make a BOARD?
~Group boards
~Secret boards
4. How to PIN and REPIN?
5. How to FOLLOW other boards and people?
How to Use Pinterest in the School Library
Network with other library Pinterest accounts from around the world.
Library space, lessons, bulletin board, organization tips and ideas
Expand your Archives with picture and documents of historical photos and documents.
Reading Advisory, E series, and book recommendations.
Outreach and communicate with administrators, students, teachers, parents, and the community.
Money saving tips, green library ideas, and up-cycling.
Pinterest for Teachers
Educational crafts to go with a topic, lesson, or theme
Educational blogs
New trends
Hands on school activities
science experiments
educational apps
Teacher resources online
worksheets and printable
Educational websites

Show off student work to other students, parents, teachers, administrators
Show and view what other teachers are doing and using in their classroom
promote your own work
Get ideas for;
Classroom decorating and layouts
bulletin boards
classroom organization systems
behavior management
Student Uses of Pinterest
Pinterest for the Classroom
Presented by Elizabeth Reagan
August 2013

Example of a Library's
Take 10 minutes to explore and look at these and other libraries and establishments' Pinterest accounts. Add and share if you find a board to follow that is really good.
Take 10 minutes to search and browse all of the educational pins, boards, and people you might be interested in. Use your handout page for some suggestions and ideas to get started.
get or record school related news
work in groups asynchronously with a group board
complete photo journals
use as a bookmarking tool during research
see and respond to photos as a journal prompt
take a virtual field trip
gather project ideas and topics
participate in class discussions online about a pin
Have a monthly family Pinterest project assignment
Does anyone have any questions or comments about Pinterest or this presentation?
Pinterest has an App for Apple and Android products.
Pin anywhere anytime
For android devices https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pinterest
For Apple products https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pinterest/id429047995?mt=8
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