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No description

Sandra Mathison

on 17 July 2015

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Transcript of Ethnographies

from the Greek words
ethnos = people, and
graphein = writing

A culture-sharing group
Examination of shared patterns of behavior, belief, and language
Occurring in natural settings
Data collection = FIELDWORK
Description, themes, interpretation
Critical ethnography
Emphasizes the emancipation of marginalized & disenfranchised groups
Seek to change society
All research is political
Challenge status-quo
Create dialogue with participants
Overcome false consciousness
research, writing, story, and method that connect the autobiographical and personal to the cultural, social, and political
a group’s shared patterns of behavior, beliefs, and language that develop over time
engaging & compelling
analytic use of subjectivity
focusing on taboo topics
more autobiography than analysis
ethical issues regarding others
a GROUP can be any collective of people
nation state = Canada
region = the Maritimes
ethnicity = Indo-Canadians
demographic = youth
political = environmentalists
economic = working class
interests = drug users
shared experience = homelessness
Virtual ethnography
the study of the communities and cultures created through computer-mediated social interaction
the internet, worldwide web, social media as a cultural space/place
core concept:
social organization (family, class, caste, occupation)
customs/traditions (greeting, weddings, ceremonies)
art, literature
religion, cosmology

Visual ethnography
study of visual media and material (films, advertisements, tv shows, you tube videos, photographs)
use of primarily visual data and representation in ethnography (ethnographic films, photo-essays, photographs)
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