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Vms4 controlerist mapping manual (v0.5)

No description

Just Friday

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Vms4 controlerist mapping manual (v0.5)

VMS4 Controlerist mapping V2 For TP2
General Features :
Just a mixer, except that Gain Button is the filter button
Layers switches
There's two layers switches :
colors mode layers.
deck controls layers,
There's also two deck apparences and flavor modifier
The two mid knobs modifies top row (A&B) or bottom row (C&D) deck if they're not playing (from track to sample or live input)
Push the encoders to
switch in browser mode
In browser mode
turning left encoder
create a page up/down. and right encoder launch strack up/down
Finally, pressing the pushable encoder in browser mode load the selected track and return in mixer layout
Echo Freeze Effect
Pressing the pause button launch a smooth & classic echo freeze effect. It enlight all the [=] buttons since you can launch this kind of effect on one deck at the same time
Record slices
Blue Mode
It's the standard controler state, but some nice features are already mapped ;)
Loop Control
Pressing [loop] activates a loop (surprising, isn't it...)
and enlights the [<<] search [>>] buttons.
You can control the loop by using the pitch fader to modify loop size
You can move your loop backward and forward while it's activated by using the search buttons. This loop roll feature is usefull and I wanted it so much that I mapped It ;)
I'll map soon the reloop button, in a way it can be a real "kind of reloop"...
This mode main feature
JogFX will be available in blue mode and red mode, but you can set it only in blue mode (in red mode, you'll can only launch the effect and not set them...). Purple Mode will use instant grat FX buttons and disable JogFX
Jog weel... Touch it and turn it to play with FXs. Release the Jog, FX turns off.
Fx settings are :
1 : Army of Me Woosh,
2 : Flangerize woosh,
3 : gate of noise
(gater/LOFI/filter lfo92)
(with 3 Gater presets)
4 : Jogomasher
5 : Empty
6 : Empty
7 : Empty
FX Settings switcher : seven slots are ready, three settings are already programmed. If you press the button you switch to the next FX setting
JogFX Hold : touch the shift button and then release the jog weel. Effect won't turn off when you release it
Classic FX control
When the JogFX mode is off, you can control FX 1 & 2 in a "traditionnal Traktor way"
FX Group dry/wet
FX 1
FX 2 amount
FX 3 amount
Reset FX Group
If you use the shift button, you'll assign the FX group on deck C/A/B/D by pressing the button...
Modifiers : When [IN] only is purple lighted, you can control hotcues 1-4, When [IN] & [OUT] are purple enlighted, you can control hotcues 5-8
[1]/[8] : Launch/Set Hoctue [1]/[8]
Shift + [1]/[8] : Delete Hotcue [1]/[8]
Purple Mode
Red Mode
This mode is currently being mapped. I need your best fx settings to integrate them...
Installing, copyright, etc...
1 Use the big import button !
2 Select everything to be import (especialy fx setting, layout, audio routing).
3 Load it twice (for effect settings to be install properly)
4 Select ALL the mapping the .tsi contains and assign them to the VMS4
17/01 : V0.2 :
First release :
General features are set
Blue mode with 3 JogFX presets.
18/01 : V0.3 :
Modified Deck focus signal.
Fixed minor modifier issues,
Blue mode with JogFX behaviour rewriten from scratch for a more intuitive workflow,
4th JogFX presets implemented : Jogmasher,
Red Mode with Advanced Sample decks settings
1/02 : V0.4 :
All reworking leds :
Play/pause works as a metronome
Added Sync/set as master + BPM master up/down
VUmeter integrated, different mode has different vumeter, is in loop or not reverse the lights
Slicer recording mapped, in V0.6, slicer manipulation will work
Added a few instantfx on "purple mode" : Beatmasher+Flanger+FilterLFO
Added Ean Golden's classic instant beatmasher combo.
13/05 : V0.5 :
Some bug fixes
Slicer manipulation integrated
Neddle drop mapped on touchstripes.
Copyright (copyleft in fact)
This mapping and his manual are published under creative common licence BY-NC-DA-SA (Share alike with attribution, derivative work with attribution, non commercial) by Pierre Blanc (aka Just Friday).
You are totaly free to use this mapping for fun or for professional usage (if so let me know it ;) ).
If you liked this mapping, show love on
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Just-Friday/149206558488073
soundcloud : http://soundcloud.com/just_friday
Hybrid settings : In combination with the jogweel, some settings have parameters wich can be modified by buttons (only setting 3 ATM. The 3 buttons sets different amounts on Gater FX)
Red Mode specificities
Red Mode philosophy is a bit different from the two other modes. In purple mode and in blue mode, you have to switch in order to have even the slightest control on different decks. Because sample decks are realy linked with the track deck in this mapping, Red Mode's workflow is realy different : You can control sample decks on the associated deck track (except for FX where you need to switch to the other deck mapping).
This mapping can control a row of sample deck : C&D or A&B. You can't control more sample decks, it'll mess with the modifiers and screw the mapping.
You can switch from track deck from sample deck by turning the mid knobs.
This mapping is designed to avoid changing deck flavor if a track is playing. It'll avoid you to scatter your mix.
Those leds shows if samples are loaded in the different slots.
This led shows if you are in group play mode...
Launching samples
I mapped the sample decks to commit on-the-flight remix, and not to launch horn samples. The commands wich are mapped and the ones which are not reflect this postulate.
The knobs are (obviously) sample deck slots volume.
The button below each knob launch a pattern of command :
when slot is free, it launches a sample from the associated deck (A<->C, B<->D), and phase syncing it.
when the slot is playing, it mutes/unmutes the slot,
when it is associated with the shift button, it erase the unload the sample...
The size of the sample you launch are linked to the loop fader position.
Toying samples
You can modify on the flight the slot length, in order to create phrases, and finaly, build a remix from a playing deck
As with the load and play button, there's a button wich modifies sample's lenght :
Press the button : sample size is divided by 2
Press shit+the button : sample size is multiplied by 2
A button is mapped as a reset for sample lenght
Another one plays/pauses the whole sample deck, in order to play your new music phrases.
I let the 4 hotcue buttons empty. What feature do you like to be there????
Because the controler is splited in two parts, the instant fx is only focused on fx unit 1 for decks A&C, and on unit2 for decks B&D.
Press shift and release the FXs to toogle them on!
Filter LFO
Value 1
Filter LFO
Value 2
MF Beatmasher Combo classic is mapped!
Btmshr 1
Btmshr 2
Btmshr 3
Btmshr 4
Because a lot of instant fx is mapped on only one fx unit, when you hold one of these, it enlights the fx you can't press ;)
Led mode :
FX 1
FX 2
FX 3
Pressing Cue Button record a slice and launch the beatslicer effect on two bars. The slicer mode will be mapped in v0.5
Jog FX indicator : 'till v0.4, you can control both decks with jog effects :
blue and red blinking : Jogfx on deck A or B
blue and purple blinking : Jogfx on deck C or D
purple led : Jogfx on deck A+C & B+D
In next version, Red mode will be reworked in a more intuitive way....
BPM Control :
Shift + Sync = Set track as master
Shift + [-] (if sync off or if track is the master) = Decrease BPM
Shift + [+] (if sync off or if track is the master) = Increase BPM
Beatslice :
Press Shitf+Cue when a slice is recorded. Then you can replay the loop resliced with those buttons :
Neddle drop :
Touchstripes work as needle drop on the deck selected, just touch the stripe and enjoy!
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