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Real Time People Counter with OpenCV

No description

Rohit Hooda

on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of Real Time People Counter with OpenCV

Real Time People Counter with OpenCV
open -cv
(Open Source Computer Vision)
1.Officially launched in 1999, the OpenCV project was initially an Intel Research initiative.

2.OpenCV is written in C++ and its primary interface is in C++.

3.The logo combines several motifs in the spirit of Open Source and Computer Vision. SVG-version.

4.The concept of OpenCV being itself unique in aspects of programming is quite easy and effective to use once in programmers hands.

Real Time People Counter at local steerts
Real Time Car counting
Architecture Diagram
1.This project is useful for the surveillance and security
2. Computer security in identifying the faces and keeping track of the number of people at a place

1. IDE - Visual Studio
1.Processor - Pentium-IV or above

2.RAM - Minimum 128 MB

3.HDD - Minimum 1 GB

4.Equipments - Camera

1.Lightweight :-uses less primary space .

2.Stable:-due to usage of less hardware the program will be stable and could be use for a long run.

3.Scalable :-apart from the existing feature people can modify and add more new features to it .

4.Extendable :-In future many versions of this program can be released and thus can be extendable to a large extent.

Architecture Diagram
There are systems at crowded areas such as stations , libraries that are good at the hardware side but not at the software side.
proposed system usually would include the
use of Open-Source Technologies
that would help out in many aspects .

using open-cv
2.Operating System - Windows or Linux [ For Linux Environment should use Eclipse ]
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