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The House on Mango Street

No description

Kezia Danso

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of The House on Mango Street

The House on Mango Street
By:Kezia Osei- Danso

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Esperanza Before....
In the beginning of The House on Mango Street , we see that Esperanza is a young girl trying to find her way in life. She starts of selfish only concerned about her needs and desires. We also see that she is very confused, lost,immature,and lonely.It is very obvious to us that Esperanza is ashamed of where she lives , she explains to us that she wants a place that she can call her own and the house on Mango Street is not the house she envisioned.
Example of Before...
For example in the vignette "Boys and Girl's" she says " Someday I will have a best friend all my own. One I can tell my secrets to. One who will understand my jokes without my having to explain them.Until then I am a red balloon, a balloon tied to an anchor."(Cisneros 9) In this quote we can see that Esperanza's feelings and emotions are all trapped and she wants to find a way out.Her worries are very trivial in the beginning .She thinks about bikes to being assaulted. Esperanza has so many insecurities that she is even of her embarrassed name and her Hispanic culture.
Esperanza after...
Esperanza shows a tremendous amount of growth throughout the story.For example she is more interested in what the future holds for her now . She is mature , has a better understanding of the world, and finally realizes that
The House on Mango Street
is her home and no matter how far she travels her memories will still hold there. Esperanza now embraces her talent of writing holding the fact that one day she will leave Mango street.
Example of After...
In the vignette "Mango Street Says Goodbye Sometimes," she mentions that, "They will not know I have gone away to come back for the ones I left behind. For ones who cannot out ." (Cisneros 110) This quote tells us that indeed Esperanza wants to leave Mango street but not because she is escaping, but she wants to help those that are not able to get out as easily as she did.
Influential Characters
Esperanza has many role models, not all are necessarily great examples to follow but Esperanza needs to see these role models to help her distinguish what lifestyle she hopes to live .
Great Influences in Esperanza's life
Alicia is such a great example of a girl who follows her career. In the vignette "Alicia Who Sees Mice," "Alicia, who inherited her mama's rolling pin and sleepiness, is young and smart and studies for the first time at the university.Two trains and a bus."(Cisneros 31) This quote tells that although Alicia inherited a few things from her mother that does not define her as a person. Also it does not stop her from dreaming. Her actions tell us that if you want some thing you have to work towards it , her school is far away but she will do anything in her power to continue her education.
Aunt Lupe
Aunt Lupe had somewhat of an impact on Esperanza. She encouraged Esperanza to keep writing.She also told Esperanza that writing is the only way Esperanza will be free .Esperanza and Aunt Lupe had a very close relationship, Esperanza would read her a book or a poem, when she was ill.
Nenny has a great influence on Esperanza because she is her younger sister. Her presence encourages Esperanza to set a good example for younger children .In the vignette "Boys & Girls,"Esperanza says" And since she comes right after me ,she is my responsibility ."(Cisneros 8) She watches over her younger sister when they are playing . She feels the need to protect her.
Nenny (Magdelena)
Towards the end the of the book the three Sisters, had a tremendous impact on Esperanza.When one of the sister's gave Esperanza a reading they told her ." When you leave you must always come back, she said . When you leave you must remember to come back for the others. A circle understand?" ( Cisneros105)This quote tells us that when Esperanza leaves she must come and help others that were not able to get out as quick as she did. She needs to break the circle of poverty, bad neighborhood,etc.
The Three Sisters

Lousy Influences

In the story Esperanza had many awful influences. Although these influences were horrible she needed to see them so she can decide what type of life style she will like to live.
Cathy was not a good influence towards Esperanza , because before she even got to know Esperanza she starts to judge . " In the meantime they'll have to move a little farther north from , Mango Street , a little farther away every time people like us keep moving in." (Cisneros 13) She judges Esperanza before getting to know her, because of Esperanza's background and families like Esperanza's.
Marin was a young whom babysat her cousins and sells Avon because she can not find a real job. She was not a positive influence on Esperanza because "Marin's skirt are shorter......Marin , under the streetlight ,dancing by herself , is singing the same song somewhere."(Cisneros 27 )By reading this quote I can infer that she was a prostitute. Although, she taught Esperanza about makeup and boys her behavior and actions were not admirable.
Mama - Esperanza mother has served as such an incredible role model to her daughter as she give advice to her daughter about life . In the vignette "A Smart Cookie," Esperanza's mother says that "You want to know why I quit school? Because I didn't have nice clothes.No clothes, but I had brains." (Cisneros 91) In this quote Esperanza's mother is trying to tell her daughter to continue her education and to never rely on a man. She need to have control of her life so she can take care of her self in the future.

Papa - Papa is such a great influence in Esperanza's life . Her father acts as a great male influence. When Esperanza see's how older man treats her friends she is shocked because that is not how her fathers acts.It is not how a man should act. In my opinion I think its great that her father instilled this in her because it shows her how she should be treated by a man.
Initially Esperanza really looked up to Sally because of the attention she got from other guys. "I like your black coat and those shoes you wear, where did you get them? My mother says to wear black so young is dangerous, but I want to buy shoes just like yours , like your black ones made out of suede." (Cisneros 82) As the story progress we learn that Sally is sexually abused by her father which could have a huge impact on the way she asks. Sally and few guy go in the alley and when Esperanza see this something in her gut tells her that something is wrong .Esperanza looks for weapons to rescue Sally but Sally does not want to be saved. Another thing that striked me was when Sally neglected Esperanza at the Carnival which led to the event of the rape.
Rachel and Lucy

In my opinion I do not think that Rachel and Lucy were entirely lousy influences ,after all they were Esperanza's first friends. In the beginning of the vignette "Our Good Day,"" If you give me five dollars I will be your friend forever."(Cisneros 14) This quote tells us that Rachel and Lucy only became friends because of the five dollars that Esperanza gave them. You do not need to buy friendship , people that are your friends should be your friend because of who you are.Esperanza always questioned her friendship with the two sister , which makes her questioned if she will ever make real friends .This lowers her self-esteem and all her insecurities start to build up.
Important Places
The Monkey Garden- Esperanza in a sense felt that the garden protected her. When the Monkey left she felt as if everything was crumbling down. This is where she escaped all her problems.

The Carnival - a carnival is a symbol of fun times and childhood memories , but the carnival to Esperanza is a symbol of terror and Horror. The events that occurred at the carnival is not what Esperanza envisioned would happen .Its like her childhood was snatched away from she had no control over what was going on.

Influential Places
The House on Mango Street - before the story unravels Esperanza makes it very clear to us that she has moved a lot." We didn't always live on Mango Street.Before that we lived on Loomis on the third floor,and before that I can't remember .But what I remember most is moving a lot." As the story progresses we find out that in the beginning of the story she was ashamed of her own house, but what she realized in the end was Mango street is going to be the house she remember the most. The house has now become a part of who she is.

Girls Furniture bought& sold- One day Esperanza and her younger sister Nenny walk into a junk store. As they are looking around Nenny comes across the music box ,she wants to buy the music but the owner says that the music box can not be purchased. This music box showed Esperanza that you can't always get what you want. What you think is very trivial to you may mean a lot to another person.
Influential Events

1. The Rape of Esperanza- this event was very tragic. When Esperanza and Sally arrived at the Carnival Sally told Esperanza to wait for her by the tilt-a-whirl ride.Esperanza waited and waited Sally never showed up .She called Sally, but Sally did not respond to her and then "The one who grabbed me by the arm , he wouldn't let me go .He said I love you,Spanish girl, I love you."(Cisneros 100) Esperanza felt a sense of betrayal because she only came to carnival to have a good time with Sally,but she neglected her. Esperanza was not only disappointed in Sally . She says" I waited my whole life .You're a liar.They all lied. All the books and magazines , everything that told it wrong." (Cisneros 100) Esperanza always keeps her life in control but in this situation she didn't. This event made her decide that she was not going to do things according to others she is going be in control of herself .
The Alley
One day near the monkey garden Esperanza was playing with the children , when Esperanza returned she thought Sally was angry but little did she know that sally had her own game in mind .She pretended to be angry because one the boys took her keys. "One of the boys invented the rules. One of Tito's friends said you can't get the keys back unless you kiss us." (Cisneros 96) Sally also pretended to be mad for a moment , with a question agreed to the game. Esperanza saw that Sally went behind a truck to follow the rules of the game. When Esperanza saw this she knew something wasn't right ,so she gathered three big sticks and a brick to rescue Sally, but what Esperanza now realizes is that Sally did not want to be saved she actually enjoyed the attention given to her by the boys.
The Lost of Grandpa

In this vignette Esperanza 's grandfather passed away .Her father has to attend the funeral in Mexico. Since Esperanza is the oldest her father tells her first and now it is Esperanza's turn to tell her younger siblings .She has to explain to them why they can play or why they have to sat quite .Esperanza has to take the role of a parent at this current state because her father is mourning the loss of his father . This incident brings Esperanza and her father closer , she wonders she will do without her dad .

The Family of Little Trees
The Three Sisters
Esperanza, Lucy,and Rachel received a bag full of heels. When they got the bag they immediately try on the shoes ,because they fit perfectly they want to feel like Cinderella today. Around the block they practice walking in heels ,as they were walking a elderly man tries to talk to them in a very unpleasant manner ."Rachel , you are prettier than a yellow taxicab.You know that ? If I give you a dollar will you kiss me ?"(Cisneros 41 ) The young girls are frightened by this and run home. Esperanza wants to feel older she also wants attention from men , but whenever she does get this attention it is not what she expected . For example in the vignette First Job she lies about her age which causes the oriental man to kiss her .
Lucy and Rachel's younger sister has passed away ,there are many visitors in their house mourning the loss of the baby. Esperanza gets a reading from one of the three sisters ,(Lucy and Rachel's aunt),and the reading says "When you leave you must remember to come back for the others."(Cisneros 105) This reading tells us that Esperanza will eventually leave Mango Street , but when she does she needs to come for those who could not leave as easy as she did.
Background Music : I chose this song because the lyrics really when well with the book. The title is called "I care." This correlates to the story because Esperanza want to come back to Mango Street to help who could not leave as quick as she did. She cared.
Beyonce Knowles . "I Care" Album: 4 . Made in 2013.
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