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How the Nervous Interacts with Other Systems in Your Body


Science Prezis

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of How the Nervous Interacts with Other Systems in Your Body

How the Nervous System Interacts with Other Systems in Your Body Skeletal System Digestive System Baroreceptors send the brain information on the blood pressure.
The brain regulates the heart rate using the nerves. Cardiovascular System The brain monitors the respiratory volume and blood gas levels
The brain regulates respiratory rates Respiratory System Endocrine System The brain receives sensory information from the bladder.
Urination is controlled by the brain. Urinary System The calcium from your bones helps your nervous system function
Your skull protects your brain (the CNS) from injuries
Your vertebrae protects your spinal cord (the PNS) This is your vertebrae! Sends messages from the brain to the muscles in your digestive system for eating and elimination of waste food
The digestive system sends sensory information to the brain (CNS) The nervous system interacts with every system in your body. It is a specialized network of tissues, and neurons . The nervous system takes messages from the brain and tells what your body to do. Your body also sends messages back to your brain. You will find some of the systems the nervous system interacts with next! Introduction Go to the glossary to find the definition If you stepped on snow, the nerves in your foot would send a message to your nervous system and brain to warn you that it is cold. * * The Heart The reproductive hormones in the endocrine system impacts the development of the nervous system.
Hormones give information to the brain to affect neural processing*. * Check the glossary! * Some of the endocrine organs and known secreted hormones This is a picture of the human nervous system. Notice how the nervous system extends everywhere in the body. The two main parts of the nervous system are: The brain, also known as the Central Nervous System, or CNS in short form. The spinal cord, also known as the Peripheral Nervous System, or PNS for short. Well, that's about it! The nervous system is a very important part of our body. Without it, we wouldn't be able to do many things! Think about all the things we can't do with out our nervous system! Keep exploring our page!
We have a lot of other fun games, fascinating facts, and so much more!
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