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My Thoughts on the 2014 NCAA Tournament Bracket

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Collin DuPuis

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of My Thoughts on the 2014 NCAA Tournament Bracket

The Florida Gators Logo
My Prediction to win the Tournament is Florida Gators and this is because the Florida Gators haven't lost since November and have a record of 32-2 and have some nice quality wins with a chance to beat the Kansas Jayhawks twice in a season winning the 1st matchup 67-61.
SMU Left Out
SMU was going into the NCAA Tournament with a record of 23-9 and I thought they would make it in but they didnt make it in and my family was saying that Larry Brown must be realy mad.

North Carolina State and Xavier made it in but not SMU and these teams were on the bubble along with SMU and those teams got in.

Now SMU's SOS rank was in the 90's and NCST and Xavier were in 50's and 60's but SMU had a good resume and they didnt make it in.
Potential Upsets
Wichita State's tough road ahead
I have Wichita State losing to Louisville in the Sweet 16, barely making it past the winner of Kansas State/Kentucky.
I just dont think they'll have the power to beat Louisville after a tough game against Kansas State/Kentucky.
If they manage to make it to championship I would be completely "shocked" (get it) because of the challenges they would get if they played the top seeds in each game.
By Collin DuPuis
My Thoughts on the 2014 NCAA Tournament Bracket
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