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07.02 Modern Warfare and Its Legacy: Assessment

No description

Taylor Sanderbeck

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of 07.02 Modern Warfare and Its Legacy: Assessment

07.02 Modern Warfare and Its Legacy: Assessment
Tweet 1
@soldier4life The battle has just begun and I'm already severely injured. I need medic assistants asap, tweet me back as soon as you read this so I can tell you my location!
Tweet 5
@soldier4life Just informing you we received tons of back-up like requested. Now we are creating strategy to end this war and successfully win.
Tweet 8
@soldier4life The United States attacked us today! I'm beyond tired of war and fighting. I hate it here and lost almost everyone that was important to me. I hope to God everyone is okay back home.
Tweet 9
@soldier4life It's beyond cold and I'm so ready to come home. I'm beginning to see an end of this mess of a war. The medics have been working 24/7.
Tweet 10
@soldier4life I have learned so much while out here in war. I definitely will not be coming home the same man. I can't wait to come home and have real cooked food. I miss everyone, see you all soon.
Tweet 6
@soldier4life War is about to begin, it smells like smoke and I just heard several gunshots. We're going to try to kill our enemies with grenades and hopefully win this battle!
Tweet 7
@soldier4life Finally we're at the trench! I miss my family so much. I'm only in this war because I made the choice to serve and defend my country!
Tweet 3
@soldier4life we lost a lot of soldiers today. A medic has finally arrived, I don't know how much hope other soldiers have left, this is a disaster!
Tweet 4
@gmansoldier Is there anyone out there that can help? We need loads of back-up asap! If you get this tweet me back as soon as you read this so I can inform other soldiers.
Tweet 2
@soldier4life As night starts to appear it begins to get colder, the Americans and Germans are injured as well and the battle is getting out of hands. We need a medic now!
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