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Qualities of Architcture

Make sure you do the homework on the last slide.

Laura McPherson

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Qualities of Architcture

The story of architecture is the story of the human race.
John Ruskin wrote.” All architecture proposes an effect on the human mind, not merely a service to the human frame.”
“More than shelter from the storm, architecture has symbolized reigning mental and moral concepts. Great buildings are ideas made tangible”
(Strickland, Carol. The Annotated Arch. 2001.)

Architectural Qualities
Mumbai, India
Architectural Qualities
Paris, France
Manipulation of light
Qualities-- the basics
Architects set up a pattern of rhythmic repetition of elements like solids and voids, walls and windows, projecting or receding parts.

Architects manipulate scale to imply a building as cozy or overwhelming.

Optical texture- a quality- also exploits the contrasting qualities of hard versus soft surfaces.
Ornament ( art work- sculpture)
Weight and Mass

It’s an art of interdependence, where separate elements interact with the time, place, materials, technology, economy, and individual genius.
“It has been called “ frozen music”. It sounds all the notes from high to low on the scale of human invention, architecture preserves the best-loved tunes of civilization.”( Carol Strickland, Ph.D. The Annotated Arch.)
Qualities of Architecture
Structure =
how a building is supported
in terms of sound structure –

a building must support

two types of loads- caused by the vertical pull of gravity
dead load
-weight of materials and weight of the materials on the inside of the structure
Live load
-forces generated by people , animals
Qualities of Architecture
Purpose and use of a building
The story of architecture is the story of the human race.
Where is this building?
Think about the function of this church...
What is the function of this building?
What is the beauty in this building?
Do you know the name of this building?
Sydney Opera House
Hatshepsut's Temple
Located at the Louvre
Architect: I.M. Pei
Structural systems can be classified into 5 categories.
Corbeling and Cantilever
Arch or Vault
Trussing Method
Tensile Structures
Some structures are based largely
on tension.
Example of a tensile structure
Seventh Street Bridge in Pittsburgh
structure where vertical load
is carried primarily in tension
Theater at Epidaurus
Great Pyramid of Egypt
Your Name at the top of the paper
Architectural History

1.Write a List the Qualities of Architecture

Pass it in to me, or email it to me.
No later than Wednesday, 4:00 pm

What does light do for this
What does this architectural site make you
think about?
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