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Business strategy

No description

sushma shrestha

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Business strategy

ONE HOUR SHOP BUSINESS STRATEGY Introduction Products of OHS PESTEL analysis P- politics S- social Inimitable Rarity VRIN analysis Pratima Bajracharya PARTNERS vision Mission SWOT W-weakness O-opportunity T-threat White chocolate muffins,cookies, cakes, fruits.
Orange & apple juice. Pratima bajracharya
Sushma shrestha
Kamisha Goburdhun
Deena Heeralall
Kazi Mayn Uddin It is the project based business open for an hour on a particular day.
It is the food stall where we will be selling breakfast items.
The location is selected at the entrance of GCA building.
The main target market are the students, teachers and the staff member of GCA.
It is the joint venture business where five partners will be sharing profit and liabilities equally. Kamisha Goburdhun Deena Mayan Sushma Shrestha ANALYSIS Limited time and place.
Less variety of product
Limited customers
Limited budget New business in the area
Pick up time Number of student present on a day
Competition from vending machine, kiosk cafe and other cafe around the area.
Customers may not like the idea of not having wider selection/chilled/hot food. Valuable: totally different business for the area.
Product chosen to be sold are perfect for the time.
Short and sweet type business. Non-Substitutability Product to be sold are unique and fresh/home made.
Price cannot be beaten by any competitor. E- economical -Rare type of business with
unique strategy.
-One hour fresh and healthy
business. No chance to be replaced
in a particular day in an
hour time. Similar to the SWOT Analysis, TOWS Analysis is a modified form of study using Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities and Threats to draw different strategies to help business succeed and achieve its goals. Tows analysis focuses on the external environment whereas SWOT analysis focuses on internal environment. TOWS Analysis UNDERSTANDING TOWS MATRIX Strengths and Opportunities (SO) : ?
Strengths and Threats (ST) : ?
Weaknesses and Opportunities (WO) : ?
Weaknesses and Threats (W) : ?

Weakness and Threats should be used as a defense strategy so that one can protect their business. USING TOWS MATRIX Come up with the best possible combinations of :
SO (Strengths and Opportunities)
ST (Strengths and Threats)
WO (Weaknesses and Opportunities)
WT (Weaknesses and Threats) USING TOWS MATRIX Example: Provide healthier options to our customers... Our mission is to provide quality food to our customers and understanding their needs. To encourage customers towards a healthier diet. Marketing plan and strategy

A marketing plan is a part of an overall business plan. It helps the company see and decide in which direction to go in order to achieve their goal. In order to be successful in a business, it is crucial to have a well written marketing plan.
According to our product, One Hour Shop will be focusing in selling products like cookies, muffins, juice, fruits, water.
The reason behind that, is because of the limited time we have to do the sale, these products are easier to sell. As we are an organic business and basing on our target customer, which are students, these products are really convenient.
Keeping in mind of the time, as the shop will be open from 10.00 am to 11.00am, and in between this one hour is the student short breaks time, we are expecting a good sale, as on this time of the day they would want to buy something like a snack and drinks.
Our products will be sold at a reasonable price, this way if it happen that until the last 15 mins we haven’t done much sale, we will be able to still decrease the price and still cover our cost and make a profit. -Strategic planning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 2013. Strategic planning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. [ONLINE] Available at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strategic_planning. [Accessed 22 January 2013]. S-strength Price
Share in capital & profit
-If there is any state of emergency due to weather condition which can stop students to come in the class.
-Any issue arise that may force the government to keep all educational institutes closed for the day.
-Any major law passed by government that might upset students on that day and that could have a great impact on the low selling. Increasing or decreasing of interest rate may put some impact on the selling. Any decision made by GCA about tuition fess increase and decrease on that day could also be a big factor to the business as the business is expecting the majority product will be sold to the GCA students Any issue related to health concern to OHS potential customers may have an influence on the business. T-Technology This OHS business does not have any direct impact from technology or its change, however if there is any big error in the transport technology such as cityrail early in the morning then it could really be a big issue for the business to have big number of customers because most of the students in GCA have chosen the cityrail as their first transport to come in the class. E-Environment Climate change is a big issue in NSW nowadays. Weather does not have any stability and which has been making people feel sick over last couple of weeks. So, if the weather keeps changing so frequently like this for next couple of weeks then it could be a reason for missing some customers. Beside that heavy rainfall or heatwave could also be a big issue for the business to have its expected customers. L-Legal Any product selling within Australia has to be maintaining the Occupational Health & Safety procedures. Avoiding the health and safety law could create a big difference to the expectation. sales delivery sales cash sales Health and safety Shop located in GCA near main entrance for hygienic reason.
food to be handle with tongs and gloves.
food are going to to be fresh. Final Strategy: Competitive Advantage Convenient location
Fresh healthy food
Food choice for lactose and nuts intolerant customer Competitive Strategy Try and get customer from other business to try our product to cover any potential loss from lack of customer from within the building.
Provide friendly customer service in hygienic environment. Cost The cost for the product are pretty low.
This means if the shop succeeds the gain are going to be profitable. Pricing strategy Pricing are cheap and affordable for the customers in comparison to the competitor food/drink seller like the kiosk shop and vending machine.
Breakfast juice/orange juice
sugar free muffins Differentiation Healthier food-sugar muffins/cookies and sugar free biscuits
One hour shop is a new idea at GCA
Smaller team bring in more efficiency
Personal touch to the service as students are delivering the product
Delivering product to potential customers around. Business Strategies capital- $100
revenue-$130 Operating strategies Mayn- cash
Pratima- sales
Deena-delivery sales & marketing procedure Email student and staff in and around the building about the one hour shop. ONE HOUR SHOP CASH FLOW ANALYSIS

Net income $100.00

Bottle of drink $30.00
White chocolate Muffins $10.00
Apples & Banana $25.00
Cookies & Biscuits $25.00

Total Purchase $85.00 The Tows Matrix n.d., MindTools, Developing Strategic Options from an External-Internal Analysis, last accessed 21st Jan 2012, from http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newSTR_89.htm
________________________________________ -Strategic planning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 2013. Strategic planning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. [ONLINE] Available at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strategic_planning. [Accessed 22 January 2013]. The Tows Matrix n.d., MindTools, Developing Strategic Options from an External-Internal Analysis, last accessed 21st Jan 2012, from http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newSTR_89.htm references
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