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Why The 1920s were "Roaring"

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Ryan Foose

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Why The 1920s were "Roaring"

Why the 1920s were "Roaring" The 1920s were roaring from all the excitement, of everything that is happening. The 1920's changed the United States socially. A change was the radio. Radio allowed everyone in the country to hear the same thing. Hollywood also changed the United States. This was the beginning of the celebrity and also the start of the movie. The 1920's also changed the United States politically. The 19th amendment was passed allowing woman to vote. Another event that changed the United States was the teapot scandal. It was the first proven case of bribery of a United States politician. Resulting in a lack of trust of the government. The 20's economy changed the United States forever. Employment was going up, and the power of Unions was getting smaller. Making the general outlook of the 20's high. Until October 24 1929, Black Tuesday. The stock market crashed. Banks ran out of money, and the Great Depression began. Henry Ford

Founded Ford Motor Company, helped with improvement of mass product. Creator of the Model T which was the first car a middle class american could own. Selling 15 million before being discontinued in 1927. Creating a middle class.
Was the first man to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean. Traveling 1,890 in 33.5 hours. Becoming the one of the first american superstars. As well as showing the power of the american people. Babe Ruth influenced the 1920s society in many ways. This was because he slugged 59 home runs in his 1921 season. This was amazing because the previous record of 54 home runs in a season also set by him. But before Babe's record the record was only 19 in a season. Babe Ruth Charles Lindbergh By: Ryan foose and freddy raupp
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