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The Lorax: Cause & Effect

No description

Nathalie Vidal

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of The Lorax: Cause & Effect

There wasn't
anymore Truffula
Fruit left.
Examples from "The Lorax"
Examples of cause & effect
Because it rained, I had to use an umbrella.
Can any of you come up with any examples of Cause and Effect in "The Lorax"?
What is Cause?
A cause is the reason WHY something happens.

Nathalie Vidal
The Lorax: Cause & Effect
What is Effect?
An effect is WHAT happens.
Today we will...
Learn what cause and effect is.
Find and discuss examples of cause and effect in "The Lorax".
Standards that will be covered:
NextGen-LA-21.7.4 - The student will identify cause-and-effect relationships in text.
NETS #1 Creativity & Innovation
Cause and effect is when one event causes another to happen.
Sally went to the doctor because she felt sick.
There was Smog
in the air.
There was
in the water.
Brown Bar-Ba-Loots
had crummies in
their tummies.
Swomee-Swans could
not sing.
gummy gills.
More examples from "The Lorax"
The Once-ler kept making Thneeds.
All of the Truffula Trees were cut down.
Now that we have learned about
Cause & Effect...
We will complete a worksheet to show off your cause and effect skills.
You will read each sentence.
Then you will identify and write the cause and effect in each sentence.
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