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The Scar Experiment

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on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of The Scar Experiment

How does this experiment work
Table of content
3.How does this Experiment work?
How dose this experiment work? III
The Scar Experiment
1.They separated the participants into ten different room equipped without mirrors.
How to see yourself
What is scar experiment
The goal of this experiment was to obverse how people
would respond to other people with a marred face or strange face, such as a facial scar.
Liu Tao(Lola) & Hongjun Xu(Olivier)
Professor: Erika Scott
English 098
28th September 2015

2. What is scar Experiment?
8.Works Cited
6.Why I choose this topic?
5.Who did this experiment, why?
4.The result of this experiment.
3. The scientist will display the scar to participant with a small mirror for a second.
2.They use Hollywood makeup tricks, and they will put some blood, and make a gruesome scar on each volunteer left face.
How dose this experiment work? II
4. The scientist tell every participant that some powder need to be covered on his/her scar to prevent it from smearing.
5. In reality, the scientist use a napkin to wipe off scar.(But the volunteers still believer they had a awful scar on their face)
6. the participant will be sent out into different medical rooms with instruction to notice how strangers responded to their appearance.
The result of this experiment
All the volunteer think that all the strangers are ruder to them and less kind ,and look their scar.
Name:Dr.Robert Cleck
who did this experiment, why?
Publish time:1991
How body image affects how people think?
Why I choose this topic?
Works Cited
1. A short experiment
A short experiment in our childhood
1. Some students always be tease by others because they are looking "different" in school.
2.The research reported taht"Negative body images take root in their minds and even years later they see themselves as their tormenters did in childhood".(Blaseslee 1)
1.Help people who are un-confident, and have negative mind.
2.It is a really meaningful topic.
3.It can encourage people have a positive mind to face themselves and their life.
7.In conclusion
In Conclusion
A person how to look at yourself, it represent how the outside world can feel. At the same time, this experiment also verified the sentence from one side of Motto"someone is you look at your way of looking at you."
-A quiet man, felt mostly peaceful vision
-A inferiority who feel more discrimination of vision
-A good an, feel more friendly eye;
-A rebellious people, felt mostly pick nitpick eyes
It seems that if a man have long complained their situation indifference, unfair, lack of sunlight, it shows the real problem, it is his own inward world, his self-awareness is a deviation.
This time, the need to change, and it is his heart;and the inner world, once improved bound to follow the situation around them better. After all , in this world, only you can decide others to see your eyes.
Alacia Edward."The Scar Experiment" New Dayz. 24 August 2015.http://shaysdayz.blogspot.ca/2010/11/mirror-mirror-on-wall.html. 29 September 2015
Robert E. Kleck and A. Christopher Strenta (1985). "Gender and Responses to Disfigurement in Self and Others". Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology: pp. 257-267.http://guilfordjournals.com/doi/abs/10.1521/jscp.1985.3.3.257. 29 September 2015
Sandra Blackslee."How You See Yourself: Potential for Big Problems".7 February 1991. http://www.nytimes.com/1991/02/07/news/how-you-see-yourself-potential-for-big-problems.html?pagewanted=1. 29 September 2015
The scar experiment
How You See Yourself
Gender and Responses to Disfigurement in Self and Others
The Rigid Collodion/Scarring Liquid FAQ!
JANUARY 16, 2013
Calvin's Story
20 February 2012
Girl seem as wolf got into guinness book

Know Thyself: A Perspective of How You and Others See Yourself.
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