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Supernatural Powers

No description

cynthia tan

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Supernatural Powers

What if you realized you have the ability to see the future?
All these abilities are known as
What if you realized you are able to see spirits?

Liliths Lair, 2013


Involves cooperation between a person on Earth and a person in spirit


Wikipedia, 2013
Wikipedia, 2013
,supernatural powers do exist in this world.You may not be aware of this,but some people around you might have these unbelievable powers.
In Neale Donald Walsch's 'Conversation with God', he states that

"Everything in life is energy.There is nothing,absolutely nothing,that is not energy".

Also known as channeling
A process whereby a human instrument,known as MEDIUM/CHANNEL,is used by one or more spirit personalities


Nina Fernandez Beltran, 2011
ability to communicate with the Spirit World
the ability to move things using mind only
ability to communicate without any actual physical communication
What are supernatural powers?
Powers that violate or go beyond natural forces
Does not subject to the law of physics
-Caused paranormal activities
-Channel forth certain types of energies
Types of mediumship:
-Mental mediumship
-Physical mediumship
born or have the
ability of
raising the
vibration of
their energy
2.Aware &
communicate with
those in the
Spirit World
3.In Spirit
World,love exist

4.Everything is
Ways used by the Spirit World to communicate with their Earth Bound love ones:

a)items around the house'disappearing'

What happens when their Earth Bound love ones are not aware of these signs?

seek out the Medium that love ones resonates with
to evoke a feeling of shared emotion or belief
How long?
depends on the willingness to accept from the person alive on Earth and the choice of Medium from those alive in Spirit
Vinnieh, 2013



Anum, 2013

-Known as



mind over matter

-The ability to move an object on the
physical plane using only psychic power or
moving things using your mind
Energy cannot be destroyed,but it can be changed from one form to another.
1.Transfer of energy from a person
body to an object outside of the
kwpadmin, 2013


2.Light weighted object is picked.
WikiHow, 2013

3.Keep in mind that both system and
manipulator are same as they
contain the same energy.
WikiHow, 2013

4.Recognize and feel the
energy that flows through the body.
the system.Decide
which option you wish to approach.
6.Focus that energy and direct it
towards their system.
7.Stop when you feel mentally
and physically tired.
WikiHow, 2013

Madhavi Ghare, 2013

Communication from one mind to another without using
sensory perceptions

to receive or transmit information
the stimuli a person takes in,processes and understand through their five senses
Without using any actual physical communication
Twin telepathy

happened mostly
a phenomenon whereby twins is able to read each other's minds without help from sensory input.
How it works?
1.Mental telepathy involves
the transfer of thought
by mind.
2.Constantly sending and
receiving information
3.Produce a small amount
of energy
4.Physic link is
formed,thus information
flows from one person to
the other.
a)A man in Texas experienced a stabbing pain in his chest while shopping.His twin brother in New York had a heart attack at the same time.
b)A young girl had an accident with her bicycle and broke her ankle.Her sister developed swelling in the same uninjured ankle.
Scientific evidence for Telepathy
-Case study on the telepathy experiment of
Harold Sherman and the explorer Hubert Wilkins-
Sherman was in New York while Wilkins was in the

Every night,they will record their thoughts on a
piece of paper.

After five months,they compared and it was proven
of what they wrote appeared to be the

Harold Wilkins wrote:

"When we finally were able to
compare notes,we found an
amazing number of impressions
recorded by Sherman,where
expedition happenings were
synchronized with my personal
experiences,reactions and
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