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Golden Mummies vs. Secret Mummies

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Krynn Porter

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Golden Mummies vs. Secret Mummies

Golden Mummies vs. Secret Mummies
The Secret Mummy Caves were used to hide mummies because of tomb robbers in a time of financial need.
Egyptian History and Society
The secret Mummy Cave revealed that Egypt because of the drought and fighting between rival political factions was bringing Egypt to a state of anarchy. The society broke down, and the population was facing poverty and famine. The need for gold drew the people to the tombs of the pharaohs for their gold, willing to disrupt the journey to the afterlife and anger the gods by robbing them. This shows that the people of Egypt, and the priests were willing to throw the afterlife away for gold.
Date of Discovery
Secret Mummy Cave: 1881 by Ahmed Abd el-Rasool
Egyptian history and society
The Valley of Golden Mummies revealed that Egypt was a strong and flexible country. The Romans couldn't change them, instead the Egyptians changed them.
The Valley of Golden Mummies: Around 300 B.C.
The Secret Mummy Cave: Around 969 B.C.
Dates of Origin
Valley of Golden Mummies: 1996 by Dr. Zahi Hawass
Geographic Location
Valley of Golden Mummies: Bahariya Oasis, Western Desert
Secret Mummy Cave: Luxor
They are both in enclosed glass cases
Current State
The Valley of Golden Mummies was used for a type of Egyptian burial for the Romans who had invaded the Egyptian land on the intent of changing the Egyptians.
The Valley of golden Mummies
The Secret Mummy Cave
Connection to Egyptian Religion
The Valley of Golden Mummies
Egyptian burial rites were strongly presented which suggests that the Romans changed their view of Christianity to the belief of the afterlife.
Connection to Egyptian Religion
The Secret Mummy Cave
The priests were there to protect the pharaohs but their greed over came their religious views and they broke the law against the gods and stole the pharaohs gold.
The Secret Mummy Cave
The Valley of Golden Mummies
The Discovery of Valley of the Mummies by Zahi Hawass
By: Krynn Porter & Colleen McQueeney
Resources used to create
Secret Mummy Cave:
Unskilled workers, Tools.

Valley of the Golden Mummies:
Embalming oils, Skilled workers, tools, Romans.
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