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Comparisons of Equality

How to create comparisons of equality in Spanish.

Justin S

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Comparisons of Equality

Comparisons of equality is the way you can say that two things have something in common, like quality or quantity. Lets start by comparing
things that have the same
qualities. In Spanish, it has the same structure. Instead
of saying "as tall as" you say
"tan alto como." In English, to say things have
the same quality, would say
something like "Maria is as tall
as Robert." So the sentence in Spanish would be "María es tan alta como Roberto. Here are some examples... Pedro es tan estudioso como Ramón.
Peter is as studious as Ramon. La clase de Español es tan importante como la clase de historia.
Spanish class is as important as history. Las naranjas son tan delicioso como las manzanas.
The oranges are as delicious as the apples. El libro es tan grande que mi perro.
The book is as big as my dog. Juan es tan perezoso como Sara.
John is as lazy as Sara. But if you want to compare quantities, like how many of something there is, then it is different. For comparing quantities, you have to make the word agree in both number and gender. You have to match it with either tanto, tanta, tantos or tantas. Here's how it works: Tanto (as much) is for something that is masculine and singular, like perro.
Tanta (as much) is for something that is feminine and singular, like clase.
Tantos (as many) is for something that is masculine and plural, like libros.
Tantas (as many) is for something that is feminine and plural, like escuelas.
Remember that the noun AFTER these is what makes it masculine or feminine. Here's some examples of them... Mi casa tiene tanto auqa como mi escuela.
My home has as much water as my school. Lisa tiene tanta comida como Carmen.
Lisa has as much food as Carmen. Tomás tiene tantos perros como Raúl.
Thomas has as many dogs as Raul. Gloria come tantas hamburguesas como Emily.
Gloria eats as many hamburgers as Emily. Jorge tiene tantas camisetas como Luis.
George has as many t-shirts as Luis.
Notice that is doesn't matter that Jorge is masculine because the word that determines it is camisetas, which is feminine and plural. Time to review! My cat is as artistic as a bear.
Mi gato es _____ artístico como un oso. tan Teresa has as many scissors as the teacher.
Teresa tiene _____ tijeras como el profesor. tantas Hope you enjoyed! Adiós! Hello
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