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25.4 Forecasting the Weather

No description

Katelynn Dorn

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of 25.4 Forecasting the Weather

History of Weather Prediction
4,000 years ago- moon and stars
thermometer (1593), barometer (1643)
1844- telegraph, national weather services
1870 (Army Weather Agency), 1890 (Weather Bureau), 1970 (National Weather Service)
1873- WMO
Making a Station Model
revised multiple times a day
station model- shows conditions around a weather station
symbols for cloud cover, wind speed/direction, weather, precip.
Making Weather Maps
#s- temp., dew points, pressure (w/ angle)
isobars- show change in pressure and wind speed (H or L)
fronts and symbols
Controlling Weather
cloud seeding (Russia- hail clouds)
Project Stormfury (1962-1983)
lightning seeding?
Weather Careers
design software
study weather patterns
Severe-Storm Forecaster
monitor T-storms, tornadoes, hurricanes
collect info and monitor
Weather Observer
measure and record weather conditions
study computers, satellite images, radar, current map and maps w/in previous 24 hours to make predictions
accurate forecasts can be made for 3-5 days
25.4 Forecasting the Weather
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