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On The Road to

No description

Jessica Oliver

on 7 June 2016

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Transcript of On The Road to

Growing up is a long, twisting rocky road
It's a hard thing to do and Holden Caulfield from 'The Catcher in the Rye' has a particularly difficult time
He is a depressed and troubled character possibly due to:
His brother, Allie's death
The suicide of a boy at his school
*Accepting the fact that he, along with other children have to grow up
Growing up is inevitable
Novel opens with Holden secluded from Football game at Pencey Prep, the school he has just been kicked out of
Not upset because he doesn't like the kids there anyways; they're "phony"
Holden leaves school early and walks around New York
Readers get to know Holden quite well through the people he meets and the events he experiences
Holden doesn't like many people because they've grown up and matured and he often is hypocritical of them
He goes on a date with Sally Hayes, who he thinks is very pretty but fake
He used to like a girl named Jane Gallagher who he was a childhood friend. He always thinks of giving her a call but he never does it
He is also very fond of his sister, Phoebe, because she is young, innocent, pure and honest
Holden has not matured and does not want to, which Luce (an old friend) says to him
When Holden visits Mr. Antolini later in the novel, he tells Holden that he will have a great fall if he continues down this path
Holden finally accepts the fate of growing up and the novel ends with Holden in a hospital being helped by psychoanalysts
Holden's False Perception of Adulthood
Holden does not want to grow up
Children are pure and honest while adults are fake, deceitful, insincere and "phony"
The museum symbolizes his desire for children and everything else to simply stay the same
Phoebe asks Holden what he would like to be and the only thing he can think of is the catcher in the rye
He uses this as a metaphor for protecting children from growing up
If the children venture to close to the cliff ledge, Holden would protect them from falling to their death/growing up
Tries to protect children with small acts such as rubbing off the "fuck you" written on the wall of the elementary school
Displays his feelings towards growing up by criticizing other individuals who have matured
Holden is also very hypocritical because although he does not want to grow up he can't help certain feelings he has
Personal Thoughts on the Novel
Little plot
Hard to relate to Holden
Interesting symbols
The ducks in central park
The red hunting hat Holden wears
Growing Up in Real Life and the Media
Everyone struggles with growing up
People don't want to let go of their childhood, their imagination and fun and/or they don't want to deal with adult issues and responsibilities, etc.
Transitioning through puberty is a difficult and awkward stage in life as you grow mentally and physically
Theme of growing up can be seen in the media
Peter Pan never wants to grow up
Josh from the movie Big wants to be a child again once he has experienced the life of an adult
Avril Lavigne's song "Here's to Never Growing Up" portrays her ideals of obviously never growing up, the way that Holden wishes things could be
Growing up is inevitable
Holden finally accepts the reality of growing up at the end of the novel when he watches Phoebe on the carrousel
This was a turning point for Holden
Growing up is a new chapter in our lives
Discussion Questions
1) What do you think is the hardest part about growing up? What about for you personally?
2) What do yo think are the major themes of the book?
3) Give 3 symbols/metaphors from the novel and explain their meaning.
4) Can you relate to Holden? Why or why not?
5) Holden is a very hypocritical person. Why do you think that is?
The Catcher
in the Rye

Growing Up
By Jessica Oliver

Growing Up
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