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Laptops: the way to send TMI student to the top

Why should TMI allow students to use laptops?

Gabi Esquivel

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Laptops: the way to send TMI student to the top

Laptops: The Way to Send TMI Students to the Top WHy should TMI allow laptops on campus? students could access distracting or inappropriate websites
social networking could occur during class
fear from possibility of theft
hacking and viruses could create excess costs Why aren't the current computers sufficient? the computers in the library are almost always in use
laptops can only be checked out by teachers and are time consuming
the computer lab can only be used under the supervision of a teacher The benefits laptops would provide outweigh the possible disadvantages. essays homework group projects college applications sat online courses Students need an effective way to excel in academics. Laptops would provide this opportunity. The use of laptops in class would be controlled by the teacher, just as cell phones are. TMI is a family that enforces honor and integrity. Misuse of laptops would be handled by the Honor Council and Disciplinary Comittee. If students truly wanted to hack the system, they probably would have done so by now. Viruses could not only be brough on laptops, but also on flashdrives, which students already use. A seminar or class regarding proper laptop use and internet saftey should be mandatory for all students. TMI already has wireless internet and printing capabilities. It seems that extra costs would come from changing the bandwidth. Students will be expected to be responsible in charging laptops, so in theory, there should be no increase in electical costs. The Educational Technology Journal provides "The Laptop Promise". better writing
expanded knowledge
increased achievement- higher scores
improved skills for the modern workplace
enhanced learning and teaching efficiency
heightened motivation for all involved
enriched preparation for global citizenry
elevated problem-solving and decision-making
intensified student-centered learning
augmented teaming and cooperation The fulfillment of this promise can bee seen with the Maine Middle School program. In the in the fall of 2002, the state of Maine implemented a 1:1 laptop program in the state's middle schools. Eighth grade Maine Education Assessment scores were evaluated to see if laptops benefited the students.

2000- one year before the program was implemented
2005- five years after the program was implemented The results showed that the average student in 2005 scorred 67% higher than the average student in 2000. Furthermore, students who used laptops during the entire writing process scored 75% higher than the students who did not use a laptop at all. Many students and teachers already support the proposal of allowing laptops on camps. A survey at TMI was taken, asking 50 students and 10 teachers wheather they were in favor or dissagreed with laptop usage. Only one student expressed opposition, while all 10 teachers supported the idea. The Maine Middle Schools are just one example of the growing number of schools that have been improved academically through the use of laptops. TMI could potentially be included on that list of schools if laptops are permitted on campus. The possibilities that laptops open are worth the shift in focus from paper to screen. The overall benefits outweigh the possible disadvantages. Laptops are the next logical step in impoving and already fantastic school. Guidelines will be needed. essays homework group projects online SAT courses college applications Works Cited
Transforming Schools with Technology by Andrew Zucker
laptops would save time
open the door to online resources
prepare students for college and
the professional world
A laptop is a tool that could be abused
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