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room 605

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
By: Calel
How Can Smoking Affect Humans?
How Many People Smoke?
Why It's Addictive
What it Contains
The Effects on Your Body
Smoking can affect your body in many ways.
How People Start
Some people start smoking just bye wondering what it's like, and others start because their friends urge them to.
How Smoking Affects Birth
Many people smoke.
In fact over 2 billion people smoke all around the world.
And over 5 million people had died by smoking.
The effect of smoking is on a humans body are serious and sometimes deadly.
Its very bad.
Do not smoke.
As you might know smoking is very addictive.
there are many drugs in one cigarette in fact there are over 4,000 drugs in it.
There are a lot of addictive drugs in a cigarette but one of the most common one is nicotine.
As you can see nicotine is highly addictive and very very bad.
It was also used to kill insects
that's how much poison is inside of it.
Smoking is very bad and it can affect birth
In fact this is probably the number one cause of adverse outcomes of birth.
Babies can be born small, and babies can die before birth.
It may effect them after brth as well.
It can mess up their heart and brain
Smoking contains over 4,000 drugs in it
Some are addictive and some are bad for all species including ocean animals.
Why is that. that is because people that smoke get lazy so they litter and then that litter is cigarettes and then it gets washed up to shore.
And it affects them to.
babies can inhale that.
One of the most common symtoms is on your lungs. Your lungs can get black because of the tar in cigarettes
Nicotine is a poison inside of a cigarette.
it speeds up your nervous system and it also makes your blood vessels smaller
In the past nicotine was used to kill insects.
tar causes cancer, a disease which docters have not found a cure to.
The heart must work harder to pump blood through your body and you can perhaps die.
Many kids think smoking will makethem look cool, but realy in a few years they won't look that cool anymore.
Also aperson caught tryng to buy cigarettes an is under 18 will go to jail
And once you start you cant stop because nicotine is very addictive.
People who start can feel nervous or depressed if they attempt to quit.
The best way to avoid this is to not smoke at all.
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