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How Does Glucose Affect Our Brains

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Mingkai Deng

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of How Does Glucose Affect Our Brains

Nutrition Science
Glucose! Thanks to… Take Care of Your Brain Before Taking Care of Yourself. In One Hundred Tests You’ll Never Be in Peril.
---Bob 4. Avoid heavy use of brain directly after doing sports 3. Get Something Sweet When Drowsy 2. Stick to staple food! What Should I Do? 1. Eat Breakfast DEATH!!! Coma Decline in work and study efficiency.
Decline in work and study results. Lack of Vigor & Drowsiness Why Matter? The only way to feed brain is to take in plenty of glucose.


By burning adequate glucose brain efficiency is greatly enhanced. BUT NOT BRAINS! This works pretty well for muscles…
C20H32O2 + 27 O2 --> 20 CO2 + 16 H2O
(Burning of Arachidonic acid, the fatty acid in peanut oil)
Or 2C18H34O2 + 53O2 --> 36CO2 + 34H2O
(Burning of oleic acid, the fatty acid in olive oil) So,
How Does
Our Intelligence? I am your intimate pal.
I can help you achieve your perfection.
Do you know who I am? LET ME HELP YOU! But how?

Can science help me make my dream come true?

I wonder…
I wonder… I want to be intelligent… I have a dream… MAMA
I want GLUCOSE!!! MAMA I WANT GLUCOSE!!! How Does GLUCOSE Affect Our Brains? Yes! It's me! I am sugar! Well, Technically,
Glucose. Glucose Taken: 0g, 10g, 20g Our 1 experiment used CONTROL VARIATE METHOD... Time of the Day to Take Test: 4:40 P.M., when lunch is almost digested Way of Testing: Arithmetic, 15 questions Difficulty Level of Tests: 3-digits times 2-digits, computer-generated ...included 2 genders... ...lasted for 3 days... Alison Martin Bob Vanessa …and involved 4 testees of different personality traits. The whole experiment will be divided into four days at 16:40. Before the tests, volunteers has eaten nothing, maximally reducing the influence of lunch.
All set of test are of the same difficulty. Procedure Procedure 1st Day: Volunteers do the first set of test without taking glucose
2nd Day: Volunteers do the second set of test after taking a little glucose (10g, 30 minutes in advance)
3rd Day: Volunteers do the third set of test after taking moderate amount of glucose (20g, 30 minutes in advance) Solution Glucose Stuffs We Used Time is Flying!!! Busy at work 10g glucose No glucose Results Results 20g glucose More obvious?
Take a look at the Line Graph! Conclusion GLUCOSE IS EFFECTIVE
for enhancing brain effectiveness on a short-term. Glucose takers showed a great improvement in speed and accuracy of calculations—a laborious work.
When taking 10g glucose, boys showed their greatest ability. When taking 20g, boys show a decline while girls continue to improve.
It is recommended that to improve brainpower, boys should take less glucose than girls do. WHY? By
Bob Deng
Vanessa Zhang
Alison Geng Number of Correct Answers (Out of 15) Know your enemy and know yourself.
In one hundred battles you'll never be in peril. ---Sun Tzi Well, our brains are brats... Lack of glucose, can lead to: “Join or die?" Demanded the pirate.
"Want me to eat your stinky grease? NEVER!" Brain Justice proclaimed.
"So be it." After a long night, blood glucose is low. This leads to neuron-inefficiency throughout the morning! So sad! Staple food provides plenty of carbohydrate for brain to consume. Your drowsiness may because of lack of blood glucose, not sleep, so try something sweet before entering sleep since it may be a better idea. THANK YOU! Sports consume mountains of glucose, so your brain goes lack of them after a heavy exercise. Try to rest at least for some time before working on your chemistry project.
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