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Touch&Taste: The Revolutionary Menu Tablet

No description

Katie Richards

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Touch&Taste: The Revolutionary Menu Tablet

The new way to dine Down to the numbers Testimonials Embrace the Revolution... Technology is changing the face of the hospitality become part of the revolution... Choose Touch&Taste The Revolutionary Menu Tablet "an extremely interesting concept" London Hilton, Park Lane "in the right environment, this product would excel" Fullers 'The Parcel Yard', Kings Cross "we would be very interested in this technology for our new restaurant openings." ...technology is changing the world... ...regardless of whether we like it or not... “I truly believe, and many others in the company believe, that the tablet market in units will be larger than the PC market by Autumn 2013.”
"failure to keep up with technological changes is a chief reason for the failure of modern day restaurants." (Camilo et al 2008: 377) (Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, 2012) Who are we? operated by customers, for customers an interactive menu tablet resembling the traditional “book” style menu configured to each individual restaurant...
...to become an extension of the personality of a brand transmits customer orders via wireless local area network to the kitchen 'Our opinion is that tablets will be an invaluable tool in the future both for the guest and us as an industry, and that we are currently lagging behind in technology terms.'

'Tablets would provide the guest with a medium that they are familiar with from personal experience and enhance their overall experience in our outlets.'

'In food and beverage terms, over and above standard menu item/dish information, guests would be able to drill down at item level to discover a wealth of information, including for example, provenance, cooking techniques, dietary information, allergens and nutritional detail such as fat, salt, sugar and calories.'

'A tablet would provide menus with a lot more flexibility and help for guests that we believe would be much appreciated as well as flexibility for us to instantly amend menus and offerings to adapt to unforeseen challenges.'

'The tablets would also be have the capability to store guest profiles and therefore enhance their experience regarding favourite dishes, drinks and wine selection as well as preferred seating arrangements in restaurants, dietary requirements etc…' 'Management information (MI) reporting would also be improved with a wealth of data at our fingertips; customer profiling, being a critical output of using a tablet/application platform.' “In addition to the above, the ability to develop associations and to link 3rd parties into application would also further drive exposure to our operations through social media, strategic mobile marketing strategies.' Shane Munro, Group Food & Beverage Director, Guoman & Thistle Hotels 'From a staff perspective, similarly, detailed information regarding products (wine/cocktails, spirits and liqueurs) could be stored on the mobile tablet to support product knowledge and service excellence. This would support staff with service, particularly suggestive selling/recommendations and support revenue generation.' 'Technology has moved on significantly, leveraging this type of technology. Either mobile, carried by server or fixed (tablets built into bar counters/tables for guests to access) will significantly improve guest experience, customer loyalty, revenue and margin.' Shane Munro, Group Food & Beverage Director, Guoman & Thistle Hotels Savings for a medium sized enterprise Order food and beverage on the high resolution colour display allowing the customer to... Access extensive information on dishes and beverages to include in- depth nutritional information, & high resolution images Request service staff Track their orders Review their dining experience Enter personal requirements Make reservations View public transport times & book a taxi Play interactive games Review past orders & have personal recommendations made to them How can we benefit you? The tablet can be configured to make certain recommendations for up selling, and provide feedback to management by monitoring what is selling by viewing past orders. The tablet has the ability to be customised and tailored to a business, easily integrating into an existing environment and incorporating company branding into its design. The restaurant significantly eliminates printing and production costs for menus and special sheets through being able to be easily updated Nutritional values and information for specific dietary requirements can be entered in dish specifications, alongside origins and cooking techniques. A new platform for upselling and pushing special offers. The tablet is multi- lingual Our tablets are designed to virtually eliminate service failures The tablet can be easily updated to instantly amend the menu & adapt to unforeseen challenges or circumstance The capability to store vast amounts of information to improve product knowledge & service excellence Dil Chad Tandoori and Curry Specialities, Widegate Street, London
are empowered to take control of their dining experience;

has access to a whelm of data, achieves better communication with customers, and delivers service excellence No capital investment is required. Touch&Taste owns, installs, and services all tablets The restaurant significantly eliminates printing and production costs for menus and special sheets through being able to be easily updated management guests Increase in contribution margin per person through platforms for up-selling and special offers 'We're in the business of selling
pleasure to the guest' We believe that every restaurant, no matter what its niche, should have something distinguishing service characteristic.
Not only do our Touch&Taste tablets provide a distinctive proposition to differentiate your restaurant from a crowded field, but it gives people something to talk about. Increased efficiency through smarter management of stock Become the buzz of the restaurant community Embrace the technological revolution choose Touch&Taste Increased average customer spend total savings for a medium sized enterprise (120-130 covers) Financial benefits
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