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A Brief History Of Contemporary Music

No description

Owen Eloc

on 23 November 2014

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Transcript of A Brief History Of Contemporary Music

In the first decade of the 1900's, country blues, Ragtime and Anglo-American Folk were some of the popular genres of music during the decade. Those genres along with church music was grouped into one known as blues. Also, most music still had a classical style to it.
Popular Genres
Popular Genres
Popular Genres
Popular Genres
Popular Genres
Popular Genres
A Brief History Of Contemporary Music
1900- 2000
50 Km Speed limit
Popular Genres
Famous Artists and Composers
Major Historical events
Famous Artwork of 1900-1910
Brought with the uprising of a new century, the music reflected the events changing in the world outside. Racial prejudices were very common during this period of time and african american music reflected on discrimination and prejudice. During this decade, the technology of radios was used to spread music across countries
Scott Joplin was a famous ragtime pianist and composer. He wrote several ragtime pieces such as "Maple Leaf Rag" and "The Entertainer."
Pablo Picasso was a extremely famous artists in the 1900's. In 1907, Pablo Picasso invented cubism. Cubism is an avant-garde art movement that is a form of abstract art.
Arnold Schoenberg was another famous composer during the 20Th century who wrote numerous pieces during the early 1900's
Famous Artists and Composers
Popular Genres
Popular Genres
Popular Genres
Popular Genres and Songs
Famous Artists and Composers
Famous Artists and Composers
Famous Artists and Composers
Famous Artists and Composers
Famous Artists and Composers
Famous Artists and Composers
Famous Artists and Composers
Famous Artists and Composers
Famous Artists and Composers
Major Historical events
Major Historical events
Major Historical events
Major Historical events
Major Historical events
Major Historical events
Major Historical events
Major Historical events
Major Historical events
Major Historical events
Famous Artwork of 1910-1920
Famous Artwork of 1920'S
Famous Artwork of 1930's
Famous Artwork of 1940's
Famous Artwork of 1950's
Famous Artwork of 1900-1910
Famous Artwork of 1970's
Famous Artwork of 1980
Famous Artwork of 1900-1910
Famous Artwork of 1900-1910
Urban Blues was the main type of music that was listened to in the 1910's
Musical Instruments
Many various genres were popular in the 1960's such as Folk and Protest, Soul, Rock Music, British beat, British Blues, Motown, Singer-Songwriter, Ska and Blue beat.
The Beatles were an extremely famous English rock band during the 1960's. Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon were the four members of the Beatles. The Rolling Stones were also a very famous rock band during the 1960. Other Artists were: Aretha Franklin , The Four Tops and Bob Dylan
The Cuban missile crisis started in 1962. In 1969,Apollo 11 became the first space mission to land on the moon. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men on the moon. Martin Luther King Jr. Gave his famous " I have a dream" speech.
Andy Warhol Was a famous artist during the contemporary time period, specifically the 1960's. He was known for being a leading figure in the art movement known as pop art. The red and blue painting on the far left us Andy Warhol (American, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1928-1987 New York City), Self-Portrait, 1967
There were not really and musical instruments that were special to this time period but most songs were played on the piano.
The main instruments that were used in the music of the 1960's were: piano, sax, guitar, bass, drums, organ, and key boards
Main Instruments of the 1960'
Hard Rock, Progressive Rock,Funk,Punk,Disco wer eall very popular types of music in the seventies. psychedelic music was played commonly among the "hippie" community.
Flower power and passive resistance was being introduced and many peaceful protests were made in the opposition movement of the Vietnam war and war in general. Hippies were very commonly known group of people in the 70's
Led Zeppelin was a very famous hard rock band that produced many hit singles in the seventies. Another very famous artist in the seventies was Micheal Jackson. Micheal Jackson was a pop singer sensation who sold millions of records and was named the king of pop. His Music is still very frequenlty played Other famous artists in the 70's were: Earth Wind And Fire, Pink Floyd and the clash
Musical Instruments
There were many technological advances in the field of instruments during the 70's. Music stated to sound more electronic because they were using new instruments like synthesizers and keyboards
-The Vietnam War ended in1975
The first world war , also known as the great war, started in 1914 and ended in 1918. It affected millions of peoples lives across Europe and America. Many songs were inspired by the events in World War I
Musical Instruments
Louis Armstrong was one of the most famous singer, composer, trumpeter of all time. Many of his songs we produced in the 1920's. He was an American Jazz Trumpeter who was names one of the most influential jazz players of the 20th century. One of his most famous pieces is called " What A Wonderful World"
The popular genres of music in the 1920's were: Black Church Music, jazz, Boogie Woogie and Jug Bands. Jug Bands was a type of jazz played on cheap instruments
The piano at the time was still very popular and Boogie Woogie type music was being introduced to the piano during the 1920's. In jazz bands,saxophones,trumpets, and trombone wee commonly used. A lot of the music in the 1920's were played by a big-band. A Big-band was a type of musical that consisted of percussion, brass, and woodwinds
After the first world war, the whole world entered a deep depression that lasted from 1920-1921. In 1920 the united states was hit by a severe recession when the global economy decreased very sharply
In the 1920's Surrealism art was a popular and new concept of art. Maxfield Parrish and C.Coles Phillip were both popular artists that created Surrealism art in the 1920's
Musical Instruments
Country- Western, Doo-Wop, Rock 'N' Roll, and Cajun Music were all trends of music in the 1950's
The Vietnam War started in 1955 and many canadian and american soldiers were sent overseas to fight in the Vietnam war and the Korean War which started in 1950. These wars affected the music in the 1970's because of all of the protests against the Vietnam war.
Musical Instruments
Elvis Presley was by far one of the most well known singers of the 1950's. Along with his singing career, Elvis was also an actor. Many referred to him as "The King of Rock 'N' Roll" or " The King. Unfortunately he died while he was still young at the age of 42
Initially, piano and saxophone were the leading instruments going into the 1950 but as the 1950's went on, the instruments transitioned into those that accompanied the development of Rock 'N' Roll which were drums, guitar, and bass
Jackson Pollock was a famous American Artist who was a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. He was known mostly for his unique style of drip painting
In the 1930's popular music trends were such as gospel music, jazz and Jump Music. Jump music was a small group version of the typical big-band swing style
In most part of the world, the depression was still in full swing, and the economy was still very poor. In 1933 Adolf Hitler was appointed the chancellor of Germany and then 6 years later World War 2 was sparked and Adolf Hitler became the fuhrer of Germany.
Ella Fitzgerald was a very popular musician in the 1930's. She was an American Jazz singer who had an extremely impressive vocal range that spanned over 3 octaves. She often was referred to as "First Lady of Song," the "Queen of Jazz" and "Lady Ella." Many people adored her style of Scat singing
Grant Wood was a famous artist of the 1930's. His most famous painting was American Gothic which is one of the most famous paintings of the decade. The painting had certain message that was targeted towards the great depression
In the 1930's, Tenor saxophone was considered to be one of the superior jazz instruments
George Braque was another artist who expanded on Picasso's idea on cubism. Braque created numerous paintings before and after the first world war such as: "Mandola", "Woman with a Guitar", and "Violin and Candlestick"
Urban Blues were introduced in the 1910's. It was later known as R&B music. A man named William Christopher Handy Was a professionally trained musician who adapted country blues into an urban environment
King Oliver was a well known musician in the early twententieth century. He was also Louis Armstrong's friend and mentor. He was in several marching bands from 1908-1919
World War 2 came to an end in 1945
The Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by atom bombs
- The Economy extremely poor and the world entered a great depression once again
The main two genres of the 1940's were west coast blues and bluegrass music.
Dizzy Gillespie was a very well known musician and Jazz trumpeter. He is well known for his many contributions to the jazz genre. His trademark was his "Swollen Cheeks". At a very young age Gillespie played the piano and later learned the trumpet. His real name is John Birks Gillespie
The 1980's was a very different musical decade from the rest of the decades in the 1900's. Music such as, two-tone, heavy metal, new wave as well as pop and dance music
A lot of music in the 1980's was played by groups instead of single artist. Groups such as Queen, Guns 'N' Roses, Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Kiss, ACDC, U2 The Police and Journey are all still known to be some of the best bands from the 80's
In 1980, John Lennon, a former member of the Beatles, was assassinated. A nuclear power plant in Russia named Chernobyl had a meltdown killing thousands of people in 1986. Then in 1989, the famous Berlin wall fell to the ground.
Jean-Michel Basquiat was a famous Neo-expressionist artist in the 1980's. His art followed a different format than the traditional paintings. He collaborated with Andy Wharhol, another unique technological artist of the 1980's. Basquiat grew up in New York where he made numerous graffiti paintings to share his artistic talents.
During The 1990's, a very new style of music was trending. Rap was popular in the 90's and many adults and other people thought that the music was rebellious and crude. Other types of music that were popular in the 1990's were Super-Super Group, Grudge, and Modern Pop.
Nelson Mandela was a revolutionary politician who served as president of South Africa from 1994-1999. In 1962 Nelson Mandela was arrested for inciting workers to strike and leaving the country without permission. In 1664 he was sentenced to either execution or life imprisonment. He chose life imprisonment. Later, in 1990, he was freed from jail.
Some of the artists in the 1990's were MC Hammer, Mick Jagger, and Nirvanna. MC Hammer was an american rap artist int the 1990's. He produced many hit singles but his most famous song was one called " U Can't Touch This". He was well known for his unique flashy dance moves and baggy gold pants
Jay J. Johnson was a famous canadian artist who created many painting of landscapes and wildlife in Canada. The majority of his paintings are focused on mammals and birds. The painting on the right is called crouching tiger
The main type of art during this period of time was abstract expressionism. An artist that really stood out was Jackson Pollock. He influenced many other artist to paint this genre of art.


Music Example from the contemporary Time period
John Cage was also a very famous composer during the contemporary time period. He wrote several sonatas and interludes for the prepared piano. He was born in September 1912 and died in 1992. This is one of his famous pieces called Sonata No.1
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