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Project 3 ~ Choice 4 ~ Spinosaurus' Evolution

I chose choice 4 for my third Biology project, which covers evolution. We were to choose an animal and writer about its adaptations.

Bethany the Awesome

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Project 3 ~ Choice 4 ~ Spinosaurus' Evolution

By Bethany Project 3 ~ Choice 4 Meet Spinosaurus We have been able to collect enough data to tell how this dinosaur lives and how it was adapted to it’s environment. Natural Selection: While this massive predator was very huge and hunted giant plant eaters and even smaller meat eaters, its natural selection during its declining years was poor. Since T. Rex was better fit for the environment than Spinosaurus, the natural selection favored T. Rexes much more than Spinosaurus. Eventually, Spinosaurus went extinct. Adaptation: Spinosaurus had a head like a crocodile, sail on back, body built like, like Giganotosaurus and T. Rex, but bigger. Spinosaurus lived close to water and even lived in it. They also lived on land. On land or in water, they were well adapted to be killer monsters. Speciation: Two separate species of Spinosaurus were found: Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus and Spinosaurus Maroccanus. Competition: On land, T. Rex and Giganotosaurus provided some competition, as they were also giant meat eating dinosaurs, Spinosaurus was the biggest though. None of these three would have liked to share the prey, so Spinosaurus did have some competition for food. In it’s last years of living, the Spinosaurus had to scavenge because they're large prey was dying off from changing environments; so even smaller meat eaters posed a problem for the Spinosaurus, these packs of meat eaters could easily pull a a Spinosaurus down and kill it. In the water, they caught big fish near the shore. The Spinosaurus may have had to compete with the big crocs of the Cretaceous. The Spinosaurus was a unique species of theropod living during the Cretaceous time period of the Mesozoic Era. This dinosaur is now extinct, but we still know about this creature from the fossils found by paleontologists. The first fossil of Spinosaurus was found in WWI, but was destroyed in WWII by an Allied attack on Germany. Pictures were still taken though before the museum (which had been just across the street from the Nazi headquarters). Another fossil was found in Africa. Overproduction: The remaining Spinosaurus populations could not adapt to their changing environment for survival, the species population declined because of this. Resources and Song: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spinosaurus




SONG: "Monster" by Skillet
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