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Human Sexuality Throughout History Timeline

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Katie Wilkerson

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Human Sexuality Throughout History Timeline

Human Sexuality Throughout History Timeline
Sexual Revolution
During and post World War I (1914-1919) women attained jobs while the men were away at war. That generation had fallen away from the traditional male and female roles in society.
Views toward sex were also changing. Feminists criticized the idea of a family, and started accepting the idea of a “sexual revolution” (Tone, 1996). This included divorce becoming a normal occurrence, the acceptance of premarital sex that would not ruin a woman’s reputation, multiple partners, the use of contraception, and dating (Tone, 1996).
Studies in the Psychology of Sex
Havelock Ellis, a psychologist and a physiologist, studied human sexuality while challenging the taboo nature of sexuality that existed in the Victorian Era (Encyclopædia Britannica, n.d.). He was known for his views that women enjoy sex and have sexual needs, as much as men do. He wrote
Studies in the Psychology of Sex
that discusses different topics including things that were very taboo at that time, i.e. homosexuality, masturbation, and the physiology of sexual behavior (Ellis, 1921).
Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Female
Alfred C. Kinsey, publishes Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, following it five years later with Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (Encyclopædia Britannica, n.d.). His books busted such widely held myths as the inability of females to have orgasms and the notion that most couples engage in sex only for procreation. In 1982 Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction was established and it's still holds Kinsey's name as a sexual-research pioneer.
Playboy Magazine
Oral contraceptives
Since the 1920s a general understanding of hormonal contraception existed. However 30 years later Margaret Sanger, a social reformer, and biologist and philanthropist Katharine McCormick convinced scientists to develop actual oral contraceptives. The first clinical report on use of "the pill" was published in 1956 by Gregory Pincus and John Rock. Oral contraceptives were first approved by the U.S.D.A. in 1960. (Encyclopædia Britannica, n.d.)
AIDS Epidemic
By 1987 almost 60,000 people in the world lost their lives to AIDS, and over 40,000 were HIV-positive in the United States. The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power was formed that year to bring awareness and nudge the hesitant government to take action against the crisis. It was widely believed that AIDS was only transmitted between homosexuals and women couldn't get it from heterosexual men (Encyclopædia Britannica, n.d.). The worldwide public awareness campaign advocating condom use as a STD preventative started. It is believed that AIDS epidemic brought an end to the sexual revolution in the 20th century.
Roe vs. Wade
In 1973 U.S. Supreme Court legalized a woman's right to decide to terminate her pregnancy before the fetus could survive independently out of her body (Supreme Court History, n.d.).
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In 1953 Hugh Hefner published the first issue of Playboy, the entertainment for men magazine that was the first to feature female nudity and other sexually oriented material in a sophisticated format (Playboy History, n.d.). It has had a significant influence on the sexual mores of the young American middle-class male.
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