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Johnny P's Auto Repair and Detailing

No description

John Picerno

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Johnny P's Auto Repair and Detailing

Johnny P's Auto Repair and Detailing
Mission Statement
Our mission is to help as many people as possible by providing the best automotive service and repair experience possible. Also by serving our customers with honesty, integrity, and quality.
Pricing Objectives
Oil Change starting at $24.99
Detailing starting at $74.99
Four Wheel alignment starting at $49.99
Brake Pads starting at $399.99
Tires starting at $89.99
Supply And Demand
Equlibrium Price is $70.00
Johnny P's Auto Repair and Detailing
1543 Parkway Avenue Ewing NJ 08628
Age ___
Gender _____
Do you own a car ____
How many ____
How often does it need repairs ______________________________________
What is the average cost of your repairs__________________________
Do you keep your car clean _____
How often do you get your car cleaned _____________________________________
What is the most you would spend on a cleaning ___________________
In the first three months I hope to have between two and five customers per day. Bringing in anywhere from three to five hundred dollars daily.
From three to six months I hope to almost double the number of customers. I should have seven to ten customers daily and be brining in at least eight hundred a day.
After six months I should have enough volume of customers to bring in another employee. That extra person will help and I should be able to raise my customers to at least ten to fifteen daily.
Looking for someone that would be able to assist in car repairs. No experience is needed and $12/hour pay. Please contact me at jjpgd100@gmail.com or 609-802-2138.
Any special repair will be done at $74.99 an hour including price of parts.
At Johnny P's Auto Repair and Detailing. We thank our customers by rewarding them with their fifth oil change being free of charge. Not only is the fifth oil change free but also the fifth detailing.
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