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Washing Machine

No description

Natalie Hollister

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Washing Machine

By:Eileen Read this to know about the washing machine James King Invented the first washing machine! Where, When and Who invented the washing machine In America, in 1851, James King designed the first modern style washing machine. One thing that was different from King's washing machine and the one we use now is that King's machine required Hand power. However, James King’s invention was a step in the right path towards a machine washer. SCAMPER Improvements JAMES KING AS....... INVENTORS AND INNOVATORS Two great improvements were made to the washing machine that James King had developed. First, 1858 Hamilton Smith created the first rotary powered washing machine. Twenty years later, William Blackstone created the first machine-washing washer, and he gave his creation to his wife as a birthday present. These two improvements were the first to the electric powered washing machine that was to come. William Blackstone as....... Hamilton Smith as....... Innovators Inventor Did you know about the History of washing machine? Did you know this before ? If you didn't read the text next to me! The washing machine we use know had great improvements! Read me The one people use before was a scrub board! It was invented in 1797 NO.2 Although many people in non-developed country don't have washing machine, however it gave us a great impact and now Hong Kong people(women and girls) don't need to bring a scrub board and the clothing they need to wash to the river side. It save lots of energy and stress with the washing machine we can just put the clothes in adjust it and press the button start. How convenient is it. It is easy to use and is simple. Think about you carrying clothes to the river and washing them? How it has change the world Good and bad impact Good: The washing machine is expensive and many people can't afford to buy it. This is a negative point. Not only that the washing machine is heavy,waste of space and bulky, and also, not all clothes can be put in the washing machine. Bad: The good things about the washing machine is that it helps us wash clothes faster and easier. Like I said in the last box it can save women and girls lots of energy and stress. This is the negative+positive points What is the rotary powered washing machine? The early rotary washer consisted of a hand-turned crank that rotated, or turned on an axis, a perforated cylinder inside a wooden shell. That allowed the water to be forced through the clothing inside the cylinder as someone turned the hand crank to rotate the cylinder. The first washing machine existed at 1851 Long time ago, people use Fresh water, scrub board,scrubs and using rocks. Now our machine does all the work for us, removing dirt from clothes. Any question? Wikipedia
Inventors.about References Thank-you for listening to my presentation! hope u have enjoyed The end You tube, Ted talk-Hans Rosling- got some information from that Subsitute
Rules: can detect what type of materials and start automatically, make it lighter, smaller and easy to operate.
Material: change stainless steel to plastic so it is lighter and compact
Process: within 15 minutes finish all washing, rinsing and spinning.
Can you use it somewhere else? : You can bring it anywhere because it’s portable.

Combine with another: I would choose to combine it with a bathtub or a sink so the water used after bath or washing hands can be recycled for washing clothes.
Combine purpose: Use less water and energy for washing clothes.
Maximize: after install a blade to the sink or bathtub, it will become a washing machine.

Serve another purpose of use: You can use it as a water tank to save water for later use, use as sink or bathtub.
What is it similar to? : It is like a basin or a barrel and can bring everywhere.

Change the shape: can change it to any shapes you want and a blade for spinning and washing. But the size is smaller than usual.
Modify: Add a blade into the cylinder to make the washing more effective. Less electricity is needed as now is lighter.

Put to another use
Use somewhere else: can bring it whenever you need it as there is an electrical supply
Who can use: people in the countries with scarce water.
Recycle: the dirty water can be purified and used again.

Simplify: an outer shell and a set of blades.
Parts eliminate: hose, door, knobs

Opposite: The product become bulkier and waste more water and electricity Introduction Hope you learnt something Did you know this? Biography William Blackstone was born on July 10, 1723 and died on February 14, 1780. William Blackstone would have been 56 years old at the time of death or 289 years old today. I think the washing machine has made a big different in our lives. Without the washing machine at my home I wouldn't be able to put my clothes into the washing machine. However, now we have a washing machine it can do all the work and it's like the speed of a lightning compared to going to the river and wash your clothes one by one with a board. What I think My mom says without the washing machine she would have to go to the riverside and wash the clothes. She thinks that it made a great impacts on our lives and is very happy that now a machine can do all the work. She says thanks to the people that invented the washing machine What my mom thinks parents How a washing machine works For more information! Read no.2 1851- first modern style washing machine by
James King 1797-scrub board was invented Timeline- 1865- Hamilton Smith created the 1st rotary
powered wash machine 1874- William Blackstone created a machine
that removes dirt from clothes and he presented
it to his wife. 2012- Nowadays we should thank William
Blackstone from creating the washing machine
for us. What is a washing machine? A washing machine is a machine to wash laundry, such as clothing and sheets. The process usually include washing, rubbing/scrubbing,rinsing and spinning.

Wikipedia says:
The term is mostly applied only to machines that use water as opposed to dry cleaning or ultrasonic cleaners.Washing entails immersing,dipping,
rubbing in water with detergent. A washing machine an object we use nearly every day in our lives. Although it is not as famous as the Television, it is just as useful.
A washing machine's purpose is to wash dirt out of clothes and make it look like it's brand new. this invention had a great impact on us, without the washing machine how can we wash clothes that easy? Ask me more later! Bye Bye
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