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Candy Land

No description

Thanaporn Chaiyasaereekul

on 20 October 2016

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Transcript of Candy Land

Candy Land
The candy land is island surround with Mediterranean Sea.
The main economic income are
bars of chocolate and lollipop.
It is exported to many abroad and
make a lot of money.
People in this country like to consume dessert. That is main dish for them. Everyone knows the dessert is not should be eaten every day, but the dessert in the candy land is not unhealthy.
the ingredients of desserts are good nutrient like vegetables, fruit, and vitamin.
Symbolism of color in the candy land is
The Candy land's surface is covered with candy and sweets alike. There are candy canes, cotton candy trees, chocolate, ice cream and lots of candy leaves can be found here. The surface is made of candied grass . The lakes here are pink in color and water is very sweet and sticky. All of Homes are colorful and bright.
The total population has 950,000 people
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