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AP in the Cloud

No description

Kelcey Burris

on 7 February 2017

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Transcript of AP in the Cloud

Thank you for your attention!
Any questions please see
Mr. Burris
And one more thing...
To Be Apart of the Cloud...
Sign up for all three
Where the U meets
Peer Study Groups
Writing Workshops
Collaborative Scheduling
Teacher/student selected groups
Meet through out campus to study, discussion and complete activities
Work in the cloud via wireless network, BYOD, iPads (AP Biology), Google Docs
AP in the Cloud....
Weekly Schedule...
Peer Study Groups...
AP Biology
AP World History
AP Seminar/Honors English
Wireless network access at school
Submit assignments and receive real feedback from instructors via edmodo &/or google docs
Paperless portfolios of best work including FRQs, DBQs, Essays, Lab Reports, Notes, etc.
Screencast Lectures via youtube
Increased Rigor
Increased Efficiency
Decreased Work Load!!!
Making the most of the school day...
Never on the same night
Alternate weekends
Breaks Off...Summer,Thanksgiving, Winter
Exam Study Halls day before exams
7 days between AP Biology & AP World Exams
Facebook for School
Backpack for saved work
Companion course for AP Biology & AP World History
Learn English Skills and Confidence with the help of the AP Biology and AP World History Curriculum
Enhance your writing skills for English as well as AP Biology and AP World History
Honors English...
Weekly Schedule
AP Biology Lecture Monday or Tuesday

AP World History Study Groups

AP World History Lecture Thursday or Friday

AP Biology Study Groups
"The combination between the three classes helps us make connections and create a better overall understanding of the topics being discussed." (Dominque 2012)
"The workload and separation of homework nights allows me to focus the individual class and not be so overwhelmed. I feel like I can concentrate and get a better understanding of the content." (Maja 2012)
"I really like the study groups. It helps me learn from my classmates and not just have to hear it from the teacher. It also is just another way of learning for me, rather that just reading and writing answers to questions." (Asia 2012)
"Having tests a week apart and allowing the other classes to shutdown the day before to review, makes it great to come up with questions that we can not only ask each other, but the teacher(s) as well. You don't have the luxury when you are by yourself studying at home." (Lexa 2012)
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