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Buddy Bonner

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of LeadConf2013

--Trend Data--

Reminders and Refreshers from Health Services

Passes to the Health Room
BIG safety issue. Please support this requirement at all grade levels.

Life-Threatening Food Allergies
504 Referral

Yearly Mandatory Staff Trainings
Now on Eduphoria.
Staff to complete by Friday, August 30th

Recess & Athletic

Over 50 cases last year in LISD
Communication to parents directed by DCHD

Health Services

REMINDER – Daughter to Work Day

School-Related Absences FORM

GRA (Local) – State and Local Gov’t Authorities

GKC (Local) – Sex Offender

Mandatory Principal/AP meeting – August 9th OR August 13th



Do the cheer coaches get reimbursed for the training?
The LISD Athletic Department will not reimburse for the training expenses. Booster clubs OR Campus Principals MAY reimburse.
Many of the cheer coaches have received the two courses that cost money through conferences and clinics so additional expenses have not occurred. The Concussion training is FREE.

Who gets the certificates once the training is complete?
Cristie Liles will keep all documents on file. Cheer coaches also need to upload certificates and training information into Eduphoria.


Effective August 1st, students must comply with TEC on concussion prevention, treatment, and oversight. Additionally, cheer coaches/sponsors will be required to complete training related to safety guidelines for cheer and other training programs designed to minimize risks.

ALL cheer coaches or sponsors.
All cheerleading program participants MUST complete the UIL Concussion Acknowledgement Form and file it with school district personnel for the current school year.

Concussion training includes two hours of concussion training every two years. Documentation must be kept on file
Prior to contact with cheerleader participants, a cheer coach or sponsor MUST complete the described training and education and must provide written documentation to be filed with the school district annually.
Cheer safety courses will vary depending on the provider of the training. A risk minimization course will have requirements that vary from course to course for completion and certification. Documentation must be submitted and kept on file.
Under the revised rule, cheer participants will follow the same concussion rules as athletes. Any student participating in a cheerleading program suspected of having a concussion must be evaluated by his or her treating physician. The participant’s treating physician must provide a written statement that in his or her professional judgment it is safe for the student to return-to-play before the participant may begin the school district’s protocol.

Cristie Liles – Assistant Athletic Director

Cheerleading Safety

Eligibility Lists: Problems with posting/finding grades for online courses continue to be an issue for determining eligibility. Pay close attention to these courses when ensuring eligibility.

An ad hoc committee made up from members of the Theatre Advocacy Committee will create the theatre curriculum for K-12 incorporating the new TEKS. This curriculum will be developed for the 2014-2015 school year.

TEA Side by Side guidelines will be presented for review during our fall meetings for Performing Arts. Many activities/departments misinterpret these guidelines. These guidelines were created for ALL school activities.



Fine Arts

Bill Watson - Director of Fine Arts
Missey Head - Coordinator of Fine Arts

Other Projects cont.
NIMS Training
NRF 800.b
Campus Drill Report
Weather Procedures/Notifications
February Refresh

Matthew Garrett
Director of Safety & Security
Cell - (214) 498-4502
Office - (972) 350-4728

Safety & Security (cont.)

Matt Garrett – Director of Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Guidance and Counseling

Research the policy that guides
the distribution of religious,
non-school materials on campuses.

Policy Question 4:

Find the policy that addresses employees’ role in administering medicine to students.

Policy Question 2:

Please go to www.lisd.net and click “School Board” then “Board Policy”
Welcome to the LISD Board Policy Manual
TASB role in Board policy
Browse sections
Topic Index
Policy Code
Legal, Local, Exhibit, and Legal references
Sample Search: Board policy EIE (LOCAL)

Policy Review

Quick reminder for students earning HS course credit:

Each semester stands alone and a half-credit may be earned despite a failing grade in the other semester.

Includes HS credit earned at MS—Algebra, Spanish, some electives, etc.

HS Course Credit

Board Policy EIA (LOCAL) Academic Achievement: Grading/Progress Reports to Parent

All teachers shall send written notice to parents every nine weeks of a student’s performance in each class or subject. If the student is failing or in danger of failing, teachers shall send progress reports after the third week of the nine-week grading period. Teachers shall have conferences with parents every 18 weeks.

Please ensure that the parents of students with failing grades sign and return progress/grade reports

UIL Eligibility Calendar – very different for MS now

Grade Reporting Practices

Moved to a standards-based report card for K-1

All grading reports have transitioned to a 9-week cycle

Committee work started on middle school grading practices/policies

Please ensure accuracy and timeliness of grades being reported to parents and have staff check carefully

Grading Reporting Practices

Newly revised streamlined form in Eduphoria

Due in May 2013 for upcoming SY 2013-2014

Documents will be provided to BOT August 12

Monitoring report due in January 2014

Please make sure and thoroughly complete the form to illustrate the great things occurring on campus.

Include Gallup, Professional Learning plans, etc.

Improvement Plan

No changes to current dress code found in Student Handbook
Principal Operational Protocols (POPS)—ongoing committee work with parents and staff being done with evaluation and recommendations upcoming for SY 14-15.

Board Policy DH (LOCAL): Employee Code of Conduct states,
An employee’s dress and grooming shall be clean, neat, in a manner appropriate for his or her assignment, and in accordance with any additional standards established by his or her supervisor and approved by the Superintendent

Dress Code Update

Buddy Bonner – Central Zone Leader

Policies and Procedures

Use the Gallup to drive decision-making.

Have a plan to improve in selected areas.

Include strategies in PDAP or CIP.

Gallup Survey

PBS video indicating the need for change


The Message

Rhonda Godbey – West Zone Leader


PLCs should have an academic focus.

6.6 Institute a student portfolio system that informs and inspires students and educators for continuous improvement and growth, that travels with the student and incorporates a variety of assessments.

1.5 Design a system that reinforces student risk-taking, creativity, innovation, and thinking outside the box, rewarding growth in knowledge rather than regurgitation of information.

Strategic Design

2.1 Design and implement professional learning for instructional staff to facilitate student and parent engagement through the use of technology.

6.1 Implement professional learning for appropriate staff to be able to consistently assess using testing methodologies that: identify, interpret, analyze, foster and apply different types of thinking in students, identify learning styles, and use rubrics for assessment criteria.

2.2 Provide a variety of relevant experiences, including technological, kinesthetic, visual, “hands-on”, project-based learning, to engage students.

Strategic Design

Paraprofessional Responsibilities

Becky MacDonald – East Zone Leader


Administration of District Required Benchmark Assessments to Prepare Students for State-Administered Assessment Instruments
Benchmark defined as: district-required assessment designed to prepare students for a corresponding state-administered assessment.
School district may not administer to any student more than 2 benchmark assessments
excludes prep for PSAT, ACT-Plan, SAT, ACT, AP, IB
excludes independent classroom examination designed or adopted and administered by a classroom teacher

Curriculum Based Assessments (CBA's) provided by the Division of Learning and Teaching are provided as a support for campus personnel to use.  
At the elementary level, can use CBA's as desired but L&T will ensure there are not more than 2 per subject area.  
At the secondary level, CBA questions are provided as a support for teacher instruction and campus information.  Questions are provided per curriculum unit in Math, Science and Social Studies and can be utilized in a variety of ways, including classroom teacher- designed assessment. 

HB 5
Opportunities for discussion:
SD, Gallup, Walk-throughs, Grading, Parent U, etc.
Email Signatures (Legal)
Planning or innovating – include Communications Dept.
Bullying Protocols
Changing or adding course (secondary schools)
FDB (Local) in action
Travel Guidelines – students and staff
Student and Staff Handbook updates
Monthly Principal Meetings – Learning Leaders Day, 1 pm (open agenda)
Student Early Release Days
Interaction w/ Teacher Associations
First of Year meeting – August 9th or 13th (AM or PM)
Let’s get school started!

Dr. Kevin Rogers
Chief Operations Officer


Please continue to eat lunch as we START…


Thanks again for your effort on behalf of our students and staff!
If we can serve you, please let us know!

Melanie Vincelette, RN - Director of Health Services
Carol Baumann-Coordinator of Health Services

Health Services

Tommy Ellington
Executive Director of Student Services

Student Services

A new music assessment tool for 3rd and 4th grade that will be an important indicator for music teachers. It includes both a written and performance component to provide valuable information indicating not only the skills but also highlights high achievement and mastery of skills. This tool is for in-school use only and not intended to be published district-wide.

The 3rd Grade Symphony Concert will be March 7 at the First Baptist Church of Lewisville. The first concert will begin at 10:00 a.m. and the second at 12:30 p.m. We have added additional time between concerts to allow for a smoother transition and avoid the issues experienced last year.

The 5th Grade Honor Choir will be in the fall this year due to numerous conflicts last year (DI, etc.). Rehearsals are on Tuesdays, beginning October 15 and culminating with the concert on November 12 in the new LHS Auditorium.

A committee made up from members of the Theatre Advocacy Committee will create the K-12 theatre curriculum incorporating the new TEKS.
This curriculum will be developed by the 2014-2015 school year. Teacher training will be provided.


Role of Fine Arts Administrators
Protocol Issues - Teachers too often requests our office to intervene on their behalf regarding site-based decisions which affect their discipline.
Assisting in finding and hiring fine arts teachers. It is clear that the principal has the final approval in hiring but we have numerous contacts and resources in the world of fine arts. Please utilize our expertise as we collaborate to find the best!
Assisting struggling fine arts teacher – want to assist and support your efforts in working with these teachers. Will provide suggestions and implement strategies for success before it is too late. If you have a teacher on an improvement plan, we want to help!

General Information

Major 2013/14 Projects:
Campus Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)
Streamline format
May Workshop
District Emergency Operations Plan
Safety & Security Audits
TEA Requirement

Other Projects
Update to Procedures Guide for Administrators
Campus Safety Visits
Campus Exercises

Safety & Security

Quick: 461 $

Policy Question 5:

Search for the policy that
details an educator’s responsibility
to report child abuse.

Policy Question 3:

Which policy addresses teacher
conference and planning periods?

Policy Question 1:

Do This, Not That
Be careful who takes pictures of you!

Front Office/Reception Area
Customer service is a priority.
At-will employees.
Utilize parents.
Build relationships, not bridges.

Treat people the way you would expect to be treated.

Customer Service

Have we done enough to effectively communicate what we know to our parents, faculty, and our community through our webpages, via Twitter or Facebook?

Example: Old Settlers' Book Study

Life-long Learning (Strategic Design Goal)

Parent Education/Communication

As we walk classrooms, trend data is indicating small decreases in use of worksheets and small increases in higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

While the percentages are small at this time, even slight increases in the areas of evaluation and synthesis are indicative of strategic changes.

We have a great deal of work left, but we are proud of everything accomplished thus far.


School day interruptions
Board policy shall be adopted to strictly enforce limiting interruptions of classes during the school day for non-academic activities such as announcements and sales promotions. At a minimum policy must limit announcements other than emergencies to once during the school day.

Board policy shall be adopted strictly enforcing limiting the removal of student from class for remedial tutoring or test prep. A district may not remove a student from a regularly scheduled class for remedial tutoring or test prep, if the student would miss more than 10% of the school days on which the class is offered, UNLESS the student’s parent or guardian provides the district with written consent for removal from class for such a purpose.

If the remediation is a class that is part of the regularly scheduled day for the student then we believe that does not apply here. Be careful pulling students from electives during their regular school day, watch out for the 10% requirement.

HB 5
Students who completed a course prior to Spring 2012 do NOT take the
EOC for that course.

ONLY five exams- Algebra 1, Biology, US History, English I and English II

Minimum score no longer exists.  All students must now meet the Level 2 standard. 

TEA sent home reports (May 2013) saying that minimum was acceptable.  We are waiting on an official letter from TEA about this, hopefully by Sept. 

Good news is the LISD message to students and parents since Spring 2012 has been that we want students to meet Level 2 standard.

Beginning Spring 2014, the Reading and Writing tests will be merged.  If a student took the tests prior to the merge and had not met standard on one component, the student will begin taking the combined version in Spring 2014. 
LISD students completing English I or II in the Fall term for the first time, will have two separate exams in December. 
LISD students completing English I or II in the Spring term for the first time, will have one exam in April. 

HB 5 – Main Points

Need to address classroom lesson design and assessment if grading period is we lengthened.

Board votes in August.

Plan to educate/inform parents/students immediately.

Middle schools need to be prepared to explain UIL eligibility to teachers, students and parents.

Nine-Week Grading Period

We expect phone calls to be answered.
We attend a large number of meetings. If Zone Leaders do not answer the phone, try texting.
Know the emergency protocols and let our customers know what is occurring.

Conflict is inevitable.
Notify zone leaders when something is likely to land on our desks.
Call parents back as soon as possible.
During bullying investigations, always call both groups of parents.


Several Fine Arts teachers have been selected to serve on Music , Art, and Theatre Advocacy committees. These district committees will develop curriculum, design staff development, and assist with events such as the LISD Art Shows and the LISD 5th Grade Honor Choir.

The Fine Arts Office does NOT have a substitute budget code so we cannot provide substitutes for activities/events.

Fine Arts teachers must follow recruiting guidelines as established by LISD to guarantee fair and equal recruiting strategies for all departments/programs.
K-12 Art Curriculum is now ONLINE
The art curriculum is now aligned with the new TEKS and is easily accessible. It will be presented to all art teachers on August 16.
General Information

Do This, Not That
Be careful who takes pictures of you!
Do This, Not That
Be careful who takes pictures of you!
Do This, Not That
Be careful who takes pictures of you!
Please monitor Fine Arts requirements for middle school students. Pay particular attention to incoming 8th grade students.

No students are to be denied participation in a Fine Arts activity due to financial hardship. Title I instruments can be provided. While students with financial difficulties may not be able to fund optional trips, these students cannot be excluded from any UIL or TMEA event due to economic status.

Many instruments were lost or stolen this past year. Schools with Wenger lockers need to secure all instruments using a set of combination locks. Directors only will have a master key.

Guidelines for Damages/Repairs to Instruments
Repairs for normal wear and tear will be responsibility of the District.
Repairs for negligence will be responsibility of the family or student.
Forms and Documents

Keyword: LeadConf2013
Gale Ladehoff, M. ED., LPC-S
Director of Guidance Services

Monya Crow, M. ED., LPC-S
Coordinator, Safe and Drug Free

Lyn Charles, LMSW-AP
Counselor, CHOICES

Stacey Lubke
Secretary to Gale Ladehoff

CAMPUS Program NOT a Counseling and Guidance Program

PAWS Committee
Members to include: Administrator, Counselor, Teachers, Parents, Community Members and Students as appropriate

Committee Responsibilities
Determine methods of delivery for district-mandated program
Determine ancillary programs and methods of delivery based on campus needs
Evaluate program effectiveness (i.e. delivery, etc.

Proposal for 2013.14 submitted electronically to Gale Ladehoff by October 1, 2013

(Prevention and Wellness Systemic Program)

District Level Awareness Training - Eduphoria
Campus-Level Protocol
CPS/Jenna’s Law (Sexual Abuse) – Family Code 265
Hard copy flyer home K-12
Suicide/Early Mental Health Intervention–HB 1386
Hard copy flyer home K-12
Anti-bullying – HB 1942
Sexting – SB 407 – Parent flyer - Grades 4-12
Dating Violence – HB 121
Alcohol and Drug -

Required Campus Trainings

Internet site for parents and students at http://bit.ly/LISDGuidance

Intranet at http://bit.ly/IntraGui

Forms located at http://bit.ly/LewisCounForms

Gale Ladehoff
Office: 972.350.4768
Cell: 469.446.2141
Email: ladehoffg@lisd.net

Monya Crow
Office: 469.948.8684
Cell: 469.446.8040
Email: crowm@lisd.net

Any Questions???

Establishment of the SDFSC Task Force
Address risk factors contributing to substance abuse and promote protective factors that decrease incidence of substance abuse

ADAPT and Family Counseling Center
Truancy Intervention/Alternative to ISS
Post-treatment counseling
Family Counseling
Individual Counseling

SDF Curriculum

Prevention and Wellness Systemic (PAWS) Program coordination

CHOICES- Safe and Drug Free Program
(Choosing Healthy Options In Creating Excellence & Success)


Quick Reference
Enrollment Procedures
Homeless/Non-accredited (Attn)
Transition Grades
At Risk Coding
Child Abuse and Neglect
Crisis Management
CBE/CBA Protocols

Required Staff Trainings – All Staff

PAWS Program – All Campuses

Counseling Forms

Full transcript