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Isabel Nees

on 11 June 2015

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The four most important dates that you HAVE to know...
June 29th, 1999
May 30th, 1999
November 23rd, 1999
July 23rd, 1999
Y2k Bug
The Gulf War
World Wide Web
The Gardner Heist
By: Isabel Nees, Kathleen McElaney, Josh Tilton, and Saadiq Sterling
Whitewater Controversy
World Trade Center Bombed
Ellen DeGeneres comes out
1st female Secretary of State

•Sir Tim Berners-Lee is a British computer scientist who wanted to figure out a better way for everyone to share information.
In October 1990, Tim wrote the three fundamental technologies (HTML, URI, and HTTP) which would be the foundation of today’s web.Tim wrote the first Web page browser (WorldWideWeb) and the first server (httpd).

Monica Lewinsky scandal breaks
The gulf war begins after Saddam Hussein accuses Kuwait of stealing oil from Iraq.
Iraq invades Kuwait and the US sends half a million soldiers to defend Saudi Arabia against invasion.

Chicago Heat Wave

Beating of Rodney King
Dr. Jack Kevorkian
DeGeneres admits she is gay in front of 42 million viewers.
This was a huge step for the gay community.
Previous to 1997, 20% of people accepted gay marriage, now it is a little more than 50%.
It dramatically changed the face of TV.
Dr. Kevorkian was arrested for 2nd degree murder, for assisting in voluntary suicide, also known as euthanasia.
Kevorkian claimed to have assisted 130 patients. He also insisted it was moral.
This event brought in many new ethical questions.
People thought when the clock struck 12:00 on midnight the computers would all crash.
A small majority believed that the world would end. They believed that without computers our civilization would be lost.
Two students in Colorado, went on a shooting spree in their high school, killing 13, wounding 20, and then committed suicide.
The shooting resulted in a nation wide debate over gun control and school safety.
There was also a lot of speculation as to why they did it. Many believed it was due to violent video games and the fact that they were bullied.
Monica Lewinsky a 22 year old intern had an affair with Bill Clinton.
The scandal broke when Linda Trip released recorded phone calls.
Bill Clinton denied the affair, but was later charged with perjury due to evidence. He was impeached by congress, but was later acquitted.
Madeleine Albright became the first female Secretary of State.
She had a profound impact on NATO.
ex. military intervention in Kosovo
She was also a milestone for the Women's Rights Movement
Magic Johnson tests HIV positive
Mae Jemison
OJ Simpson
Oklahoma City Bombing
Windows 95
Dolly the Sheep
Scientists in Scotland cloned the first mammal.
Dolly was a sensation mainly due to the media.
Clinton banned federal funding for cloning.
Operation Desert Thunder
This was a planned attack in response to Saddam Hussein's statement claiming to shoot U2 planes
There was no actual attack, but they built up a force of 35,000 men.
The muscle force made Saddam Hussein back down.
Two thieves posed as policeman to get into the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Massachusetts.
They stole twelve paintings worth $100-200 million. This has been referred to as the largest art theft in U.S history.
Born on October 17, 1956, Mae Jemison was the first African American woman to go to space. Not only is she an astronaut, she is also a physician, Peace Corp volunteer, teacher, and founder and president of two technology companies.
On September 12, 1992, she rode the Endeavor into space and made 126 orbits around Earth. She landed at Kennedy Space Center in Florida eight days later.
A truck bomb was detonated below the North Tower
Intended to send North Tower into the South Tower for both to collapse
It failed
But killed 6 people and injured more than 1,000
Bill Clinton Elected
42nd President of the U.S.
Served from 1993-2001
1990s economic expansion
Many new jobs created
Connected 95% of schools to the internet
4 Volunteers!
4 Volunteers!
How well do you know your 90's slang?
Boo Ya!
Take a chill pill
Catch you on the flip side
Mind Blowing
Hula Hoops
A heat wave kills 750 in Chicago, bringing to attention the plight of the urban poor and the elderly in extreme weather conditions.
most people that died were elderly
also people that lived in the inner city that could not afford air conditioning.
people could have avoided it by opening windows or sleeping on streets, but didn't for fear of crime.

Windows 95 is a consumer-oriented operating system developed by Microsoft. It was released on August 24, 1995, and was a significant progression from the company's previous Windows products.
Agreement signed by Canada, Mexico, and U.S.
World's largest free trade zone
Eliminated tariffs/tariff barriers between the three countries
Improved international relations between these countries
Magic Johnson retired November 7th after learning of his test results and became an AIDS spokesperson
His announcement about having HIV raised American awareness that HIV can happen to anyone, not just gay, white men. However, he has also proven that having HIV is not always a death sentence
After drunk driving while on parole, two officers brutally beat King after resisting arrest. The officers were later acquitted of excessive force.
In the trial, the officers as well as two others were initially not found guilty. The decision started a riot in the Los Angelos black community.In April 1993, officer Powell and Koon were sent to prison for 30 months.
Amiriyah Bombing
The Clintons and James and Susan McDougal bought 220 acres of land to sell for vacation houses. After it failed, the Clintons distanced themselves from the McDougals.
This lead to different loans being made by Bill Clinton. Many reporters sought to investigate these loans in hopes of getting Clinton charged with criminal conduct.
Budget Crisis
"Trial of the century"
Lasted more than 8 months
Tried on two counts of murder
Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman
Jury came to the verdict of not guilty
Air Strikes On Iraq
Bill Clinton confirms that he ordered air strikes against Iraq.
The air strikes were the result of Iraq not cooperating with the U.N. weapon inspectors.
Many key congress members were angry.
A budget crisis forces the federal government to shut down for several weeks.
The shutdown was precipitated by a dispute between Democratic President Bill Clinton and Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich over domestic spending cuts

The Blizzard of 1996
A snowstorm along the East Coast kills 150 people
$3 billion in damage.
4 feet of wind-driven snow from January 6 to January 8, 1996.
It was followed by another storm on January 12
Then unusually warm weather and torrential rain which caused rapid melting and river flooding

Olympic Bombing
Centennial Olympic Park bombing at Summer Olympics in Atlanta
Kills 1 and injures 111.
This was a terrorist attack.
A security gaurd noticed it but was not able to clear everyone.

On Feburary 13, 1991 during the Gulf war, the Amiriyah shelter in Baghdad, Iraq was destroyed by two laser-guided smart bombs from the USAF.
More than 408 civilians were killed.
US military's reasoning was that their sources marked the shelter as a militay command center.
The Lion King is released
1994- FIFA World Cup begins in the US
1994- Super Bowl XXVIII
Forrest Gump is released
by the Beastie Boys was released
Federal spending: $1252.52 billion

Federal debt: $3206.6 billion

Unemployment: 5.3%
Cost of a new home: $149,800.00
Cost of a gallon of regular gas: $1.16
Federal spending: $1716.95 billion

Federal debt: $5978.5 billion

Unemployment: 4.5%

Cost of a new home: $195,800.00
Cost of a gallon of regular gas: $1.17
Oklahoma City bombing kills 168 and wounds 800.
The bombing is the worst domestic terrorist incident in U.S. history
The investigation resulted in the arrests of Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols
Mixture of competing clothing styles throughout the decade
Early 1990s
Neon colors continued from the 80s
A grunge look
Leggings and exercise-wear
Mid 1990s
Glamour wear
"Sexy school-girl" look
Late 1990s
1970s fashion revival
Casual and athletic clothing
Inflation: 5.4%
Inflation: 2.2%
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