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AZBO - Arizona Building Officials

No description

Fran Matera

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of AZBO - Arizona Building Officials

AZBO - Arizona Building Officials
Public image is unclear
What does AZBO do?
Fixing already existing problems
Building codes, lacking clarity
Lack of active membership participation
10-15 present at meetings, aim to recruit younger generation
Use of technical jargon
Not understood by the average person
Problem Summary
Proposed Logo
AZBO views themselves as a membership, not an organization
Not enough active participation
Awkward tension among the three chapters
Internal Problems
Phase 1
Create a recognizable brand
Phase 2
Increase education and member participation
Current Logo
AZBO doesn't effectively communicate its message
Lack of interest and awareness
Too much technical language
External Problems
AZBO General Information
safety professionals responsible for approving building plans and maintaining safety standards in all of Arizona.
AZBO utilizes updated building codes to ensure that architects are following proper procedures, strive to educate the public about safety, and train future safety professionals.

Three Arizona Chapters
Central Chapter - around 400 members
Southern Chapter - around 150 members
Grand Canyon chapter - around 60 members
Team is solely made up of volunteers
Self Certification - safety risks, serious problems

Refresh AZBO’s current website
Create a positive image for AZBO
Increase social media presence
Make general information about AZBO more user-friendly
More understandable and easily accessible
Create AZBO company LinkedIn profile
Improve existing AZBO Facebook page
Create new AZBO logo
Create new AZBO website layout / organization / color scheme
Write new, more concise mission statement
Create an AZBO general info brochure

Proposed Website Design

Current Website Design
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