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Writing Styles: Diction

No description

Sam Forte

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Writing Styles: Diction

Expansive and Economical
DICTION Diction Expansive Economical Connection to Diction To speak
a persons choice or selection of words in speaking or writing
general mode of expressing ones self style
words used
it refers to the choice of words, their arrangement, and the force, accuracy, and distinction with which they are used having the power of expanding or dilating
having the capacity of being expanded
embracing a large number of objects
wide extending pertaining to the regulation of household concerns
managing public or domestic concerns with frugality (non-wasteful)
using the minimum of time or resources necessary for effectiveness
avoiding waste Is the text precise or elaborate?

WHY? Why Expansive Diction Expansive diction is Elaborate!

It uses new terminology, wide extending and goes into great detail.
good variety of descriptive vocabulary

Authors may use expansive diction to portray tone, emotion or atmosphere

Seen largely in poetry and descriptive literature Why Economical Diction Authors use this to get straight to the point and not stray away from what they are trying to say Economical Diction is precise!
never uses two words when one will do. ROLE OF DICTION The role of diction in literature is to
convey a certain mood, tone, and
atmosphere through the author's
choice of words

express thought
general and
more neutral terms
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