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Week 3 (Dec. 11): Old Testament Theology MBS562

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Gene Maynard

on 6 December 2018

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Transcript of Week 3 (Dec. 11): Old Testament Theology MBS562

The Unfolding Drama of the Old Testament:
The Formation of a People

Love vs. Law
Love, not law, makes Israel the people of Yahweh.

Israel exists because of Yahweh's love and desire.

Obedience to the law is a sign that Israel has been chosen...and has agreed to be the people of Yahweh.
Initiating the Covenant
Exodus 19:1-25
The Ten Laws: Exodus 20-23
What we see in the OT is IRRUPTIVE process of God
Finalizing the Covenant
Exodus 24
Sacrifice and Tabernacle
Eruption = bursting out
Irruption = bursting in
What God is doing in the Old Testament
Why is God irrupting?
Covenant as Irruption
Irruption #1: Edenic Covenant
Irruption #2: Noahic Covenant
Irruption #3: Abrahamic Covenant
Irruption #4: Mosaic/Sinaitic Covenant
Dec. 11, Class 3
Dr. Gene Maynard
Travel Itinerary
Exodus 19:1-2
God as Initiator: (vs. 3-5)
"my covenant"
"house of Jacob"
Motivation to Accept Covenant
Gratitude (vs. 4)
Implications of Covenant for Israel
treasured possession (vs. 5) and 1 Chron. 29:3, Ecc. 2:8
kingdom of priests (vs. 6)
holy nation (vs. 6)
God distinguishes Moses (vs 9)
Israel consecrates itself (vs. 10-15)
Theophany (vs. 16-19)
Moses and Aaron (vs. 20-25)
First, declarative (vs. 1)
then imperative (vs. 2-17
Importance of 10 Commandments
Best form of Mosaic revelation
Deposited in Ark
Beyond geography
Called "the covenant"
Exodus 20:18-23:33
Part One: vs. 1-11
Part 2: vs. 12-18
Blood = life
Tabernacle = Presence
Declarative #1: God is named
Declarative #2: allegiance to Yahweh based on virtue, not power
The people of yahweh are rescued people
1st 3 commandments : Israel's relation to Yahweh
Last 6 commandments: Israel's relation to neighbors
4th commandment:
A common idea is that Israel's relationship with Yahweh is based more on laws and law-keeping than on a love-relationship
What is your response to this idea?
What is relationship between law and love?
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