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Musical Instruments

No description

Yosun Chang

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments
"inspired by"
Google Glass
Glass Trombone
"Glass Shootout"
a natural UI platform for Glass
"Playtesting" at SXSW V2V
WeatherGlass (tap beacons to view weathercams)
StyleZapper (tap to select products - "shoot to shop")
TechCrunch Disrupt
Breaking Glass
Plant Something (tap to plant)
Glass Droppings
"Tap to 'Action'"
Serial Freelancer / Hacker in Residence / CTO
Apps hacked together on odd weekends
Prototype48 / AReality3D / gyroFire
(When I'm not at a hackathon or working on a Prototype48)
I am not from Google.
What you're about to see:
People got it.
Hacks at subsequent Hackathons
"tap to jam"
"tap to play piano"
Glass Form Factor
worn as head gear - "hands free" A/V
bone conduction audio that "only you" can hear
camera/light sensor, Invensense 9dof sensor
no touch screen... but a looooong side touch pad...
See http://hackinglass.com/native-apps-for-google-glass-a-sensor-overview-and-a-few-fun-app-previews/
Tracking: SensorFusion | Computer Vision
See: http://prezi.com/ojqoydjnzjju/gyrofire/
head tracking with gyroscope + compass
aim with crosshair
tap to fire
Cover the light sensor to "blow a note"
Slide your finger to change the note
Glass Theremin?
Light Trombone!
Musical note determined by light only
3-finger tap to calibrate max light
Tap to play
415 77 yosun
i make cool hacks.
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