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Geometry Real World Project

No description

Davis Gamez

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Geometry Real World Project

Geometry Real World Project
Davis Gamez

In real life, geometry has a lot of practical uses. From basic to the most advanced phenomenon in life. Designing professionals such as interior design and architecture uses 3 dimensional figures. A thorough knowledge of geometry is going to help them a lot in determining the proper style of a specific house, building, or vehicle. Geometry is also used in computer imaging, something that is used nowadays for creating animations, video games, designing, and stuff like that, are created using geometric concepts.
Line Segments
Logs are an example of line segments. They can be long and straight but have an endpoint at each end of a log.
Acute Angles
Pyramids were man made years ago. The top of a pyramid forms an acute angle.
A Ferris wheel is an example of rotation. It takes about 30 minutes for the Singapore Flyer to make a complete rotation.

Circumference is found in this punkin by measuring the distance around the punkin.
Center Of The Circle
When you play darts you aim for bullseyes, the bulleyes in the dart board is the center of the circle.
Intersection is used in the real world to control the traffic of cars coming from left to right or top to bottom/ bottom to top.
Parallel Lines
The side walk cracks you walk on everyday are sets of parallel lines.
Reflection in the real world can be found by looking at a river. You can see the reflection of tall objects like mountains or even yourself.
The stages of pregnancy is an example of dilation. Dilation on the woman's stomach occurred from the first picture to the last picture.
Scale Drawing
Scale drawing can be used by architectures in the real world in order to make buildings, houses, apartments, etc.
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